How Do I Clean My ESL 521BXT Smoke and Heat Detector?

To clean your ESL 521BXT smoke and heat detector, remove the device's optical chamber and wipe off any dust and dirt that is present. You should also use a vacuum hose to remove any debris found inside the device. In many cases, cleaning the 521BXT may resolve the device's problem.

A dirty optical chamber can make the 521BXT less sensitive to the presence of smoke. This can also be caused by dirt and debris found in the inner portion of the detector. By properly cleaning the device, it will be able to better detect smoke, helping it function properly.

Complete the following steps to clean your ESL 521BXT smoke and heat detector:

  1. Power down the detector. To power down the device, turn the detector counter clockwise about 15 degrees, then remove it from the mounting base. Disconnect the wiring located on the back of the detector. Make sure that the LED light on the detector is off. In some cases, such as when multiple 521BXT's need to be cleaned, it may be easier to power down the entire alarm system instead.
  2. Remove the detector cap. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the detector cap slot, and gently pry the cap up and off.

  3. Remove the optical chamber base. Press the sides of the optical chamber base, and pull it up and away from the detector.

  4. Clean the optical chamber and the detector. Wipe the optical chamber and its base with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust and dirt that is present. Also, ensure that the inside of the detector is clean by using a vacuum hose to remove any dust and dirt that may have been affecting sensitivity.
  5. Reinsert the optical chamber base. Line up the optical chamber base with its slot, and snap it firmly into place.
  6. Cover the optical chamber. Line up the tabs on the detector cap with the slots on the detector. Insert the detector cap into the smoke detector and turn it clockwise approximately 15 degrees to snap it firmly into place.

  7. Test the device. Power up the 521BXT, or the system, whichever you powered down. Then conduct smoke detection and heat detection tests in order to test the device for proper function. The articles listed below will assist you with testing the 521BXT:

How do I test a 521BXT for smoke detection?

How do I test a 521BXT for heat detection?

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