How Do I Turn On The Voice On A Tuxedo Touch?

The Honeywell Tuxedo keypad controller has the feature of voice mode.The keypad voice will annunciate whenever a change in the system’s status occurs such as armed, disarmed or when an alarm occurs.

To turn the voice mode on, press the Setup icon from the home screen on the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller.

Now, press the Disp and Audio Icon. Enter the authorization code if it’s required. Select Voice Mode in the Operating Mode to turn the mode on or off. If both the chime mode and voice mode are selected, the voice chime is automatically selected. Press the home or back icon to save after making the selection.

Users can also increase or decrease the volume on the Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller. To change the volume on the Tuxedo Touch Wifi, press the Setup icon from the home screen. Move the Brightness/Volume bar by sliding it up to increase or down to decrease the volume. Press Yes to save and No to discard any changes. If changes were made, during exit a pop up window will display “Information Settings Saved”.

The Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller also provides the option to display four different languages including multi-lingual web page display. To set the language feature, press the Setup icon from the home screen on the controller. Press the Disp & Audio Setup icon. Enter an authorization code if required. Press the Language field and select a language. After a language is selected, the keypad will revert back to the home screen with the selected language applied.

Users may also access Backlight Off After Time, To Homepage After Time, Auto Slideshow After Time and Clean Screen from the Display & Audio Setup feature.

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