How Do I Un-Bypass a Zone On My Honeywell Lyric?

You can un-bypass a zone on your Honeywell Lyric by accessing the Zones Menu, toggling to the the Bypassed Zones screen, clicking on the desired zone, clicking the Bypass Button, and entering the Master Code for the system. The zone will then once again be active and no longer ignored.

When a Zone is bypassed, the system knows to ignore the associated sensors. In other words, that sensor will not be able to trigger an alarm or a trouble condition on the system. You need to bypass any zone that is faulted before you will be able to arm your system. This is sometimes referred to as Arming Custom. Zones can also be manually bypassed whenever you like so that they are not unable to cause an alarm or a trouble condition. Please keep in mind that you cannot bypass 24-Hour Zones, which are normally associated with life-safety sensors.

Bypassing zones is a good alternative to deleting a zone entirely. If you delete a zone, then you will need to re-program that zone in order for it to work. Simply bypassing, and then later un-bypassing, a zone is a much easier process than re-programming that zone. You can bypass and un-bypass zones as needed whenever you want, so it offers you great flexibility and freedom in how you use your system.

Complete the following steps to un-bypass a sensor that has already been bypassed:

1. Access the Zones List. You can access the Zones List by choosing Security, and then Zones from the main screen. After clicking on Zones, you will enter the Zones List.

2. Toggle to Bypassed Zones. Click the button in the bottom-right corner to toggle between different screens. Keep toggling until you you reach the Bypassed Screen. This will display all the bypassed zones.

3. Select the zones. Click on any bypassed zone to highlight it. Continue to the next step once all of the zones you want to un-bypass have been highlighted.

4. Un-bypass the zones. Click the blue Clear Bypass button at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to enter a code. Enter your Master Code, which is the code you normally use to arm and disarm. This code is 1234 by default, but it is usually changed. After entering the code, any zone you selected earlier will be un-bypassed.

5. Return to home screen. Click the return arrow in the upper-right corner to return to the home screen for the system. Any zone you un-bypassed in Step 4 will remain un-bypassed.

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