How Do I Use My Thermostat?

You can use your Thermostat by accessing your account and checking under the Automation Menu. This can be done through the website or through the Mobile App on Android or iOS devices. The thermostat can also be set up with Smart Scenes.

In order to use a thermostat with, it must be set up with an alarm panel that is connected with the service. The system will need an cellular communicator, and the user will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to the service. For Alarm Grid customers, these are the Gold and Platinum level monitoring plans. From there, a compatible Z-Wave thermostat must be programmed with the system. Once it has been programmed with the panel, a user can control it through their associated account.

Upon accessing through the website or the ADC Mobile App, the user should navigate to the Automation Menu. This is where all operation for the thermostat will take place. The user can increase or decrease the temperature for their thermostat as desired. This is also where the user will control other smart home devices that that have been set up for use with This includes smart devices such as lights and door locks.

Please note that the thermostat does not have to be manufactured by to be used in this manner. Virtually any Z-Wave thermostat should be able to be used in this way. In fact, Alarm Grid recommends the Honeywell T6 Z-Wave Thermostat, as it has an easy-to-use interface and can be installed without the use of a C-Wire. In addition to being used with, most thermostats will also allow for local operation and control right from the device itself.

A thermostat that has been set up with can also be used with various smart scenes. A smart scene is a function that allows one or more smart home devices to activate automatically based on a predetermined schedule or with certain system events, A user can take advantage of this with their Z-Wave thermostat and save money on their energy bills. For example, a user might have a smart scene called "Work" that tells their thermostat to stop cooling their home when they arm their system away and leave for the day. And another smart scene called "Home" might tell their thermostat to resume cooling when they disarm their system later.

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