How Do I Use the Microphone on the Honeywell Lyric OC1?

To use a microphone on the Honeywell Lyric OC1, you will first need to add an external microphone to the camera. Next, you will access the settings for the camera on Total Connect and enable the microphone. The microphone will then record audio whenever it is activated to record video.

Because the Honeywell Lyric OC1 does not include a built-in microphone, an external microphone will need to be added in order to capture audio. The camera features a connector on the back when a microphone can be installed. From there, the microphone will need to be enabled on Total Connect before it will function. In order to use the camera, the user will need to have a monitoring plan that includes video surveillance and access to the Total Connect platform. Both of these features are included in the Platinum-level Plans from Alarm Grid.

Complete the following steps to use a microphone with the Honeywell Lyric OC1:

1. Install the microphone. The back of the device includes a port for a microphone connection. Connect the microphone to this port.

2. Log-in to Total Connect. Using a web browser or the Total Connect app, access the Total Connect platform, and log-in using your Total Connect account.

3. Access the camera settings. Locate the "Cameras" option. If you are using a web browser, this will be on the left side of the screen. On the following page, find the Lyric OC1 that you are working with. Click the gear icon to adjust its settings. This can be seen in the picture below:

4. Enable the microphone. Within other features, enable the microphone for the camera. This option will only appear if the microphone has been attached. The picture below shows the microphone feature after it has been enabled:

5. Save your changes. Press the blue Save button in the bottom-right of the page to save any changes that were made. The external microphone will now record audio whenever the camera is activated to capture video.

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