How Do I Use the Microphone on the Honeywell Lyric OC1?

There is no microphone on the Honeywell Lyric OC1. The camera has no way of capturing audio at this time. There is an audio input for the device, but it is currently non-functional. A firmware update would be needed so that the audio input would be able to support an external microphone.

Honeywell lyric oc1 standalone wifi outdoor 1080p hd total conneThe Honeywell Lyric OC1 is typically used as an outdoor camera. It is less common for an outdoor security camera to feature audio recording capabilities. This is because many security cameras with audio capabilities are programmed to activate upon detecting audio. And since an outdoor environment will almost always be detecting some type of audio, an outdoor security camera with audio functionality would essentially be recording non-stop. For that reason, Honeywell designed the Lyric OC1 with the intention of activating based on motion only.

However, Honeywell did provide the OC1 Camera with the ability of possibly supporting audio recording later on. The device has an audio input port, which is hidden once the camera has been mounted to the wall or ceiling. An external microphone could plug-in to this port and provide audio functionality for the camera. But at this time, the audio input is non-functional. Honeywell would have to release a firmware update to make this input functional. Only then could an internal microphone be added to the camera for recording audio.

Unfortunately, Honeywell does not currently offer any outdoor Total Connect IP Cameras that provide audio recording capabilities. But there are two indoor Honeywell IP Cameras that include built-in microphones for capturing audio. These are the Honeywell Lyric C1 and Honeywell Lyric C2 Cameras. Both devices will provide outstanding functionality for indoor video monitoring. Remember, an alarm monitoring plan that includes video surveillance is needed to use any security camera with an alarm system. For Alarm Grid customers, these are the Platinum Level plans.

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