How Do I Use the Subscriber On/Off Test Feature in

You can use the Subscriber On/Off Test feature in by logging-in to the Mobile App, clicking on the Menu icon (three horizontal bars), choosing Monitored Settings, followed by System Test Mode, setting the Test Duration, choosing Start Test Mode, and then Confirming.

When the Subscriber On/Off Test feature is activated for an account, will send a signal to the central station. This signal lets the central station know that the associated account is in Test Mode. While in Test Mode emergency dispatch should not be made in the event of an alarm. Once the set test time period expires, the account will automatically be taken off Test Mode, and the central station will once again begin responding to incoming alarms in the conventional manner.

The purpose of the Subscriber On/Off Test feature is to allow the user to test their system, without needing to worry about false alarms or unnecessary emergency dispatch. Alarm Grid recommends testing your system once per month. To perform a proper test it is recommended to arm the system and activate an alarm on each burglary sensor. If you have life-safety sensors such as Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors, follow the instructions provided by the device manufacturer for testing. For a proper functional test, consider using canned smoke, or canned CO which are both manufactured specifically for this purpose. When testing is complete, you can choose to either end the test manually or just allow it to time out.

For this FAQ, we will be focusing on how an end user can put their own System on Test Mode using the Mobile App. Complete the following steps to use the Subscriber On/Off Test Feature in

1. Open the App. Access the Mobile App on your Android or iOS device, and login to your account using your credentials.

2. Access Monitoring Settings. From the main screen of the Mobile App after logging in, click the Menu icon. This is the icon with three (3) horizontal bars in the upper left of the screen. Then choose Monitoring Settings. You will access the Monitoring Settings Menu.

3. Start Test Mode. Click the System Test Mode option at the bottom. You will then be asked to set the duration of test mode. Options of 1 Hour and 2 Hours are available. Click the selection you want to use. A checkmark should appear next to the selection. Then press the blue Start Test Mode button. Then press the Confirm button that appears. will then inform the central station that your system is in Test Mode. If you need to cancel Test Mode before the selected duration expires, press the grey Stop Test Mode button in the app.

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