How do I wire a Honeywell ZWSTAT Thermostat?

First off, Alarm Grid always recommends using a licensed HVAC installer to help you install a Honeywell ZWSTAT Thermostat.

Now if you're a seasoned DIY and have wired thermostats in the past and are ready to tackle the ZWSTAT, you should first consult the Honeywell ZWStat Installation Manual.

Pages 4-5 have very detailed wiring instructions for 11 different common configurations including 4 conventional and 7 with heat pumps.

If you're not sure which wiring system you have? You're probably in over your head and should consult an HVAC installer!

Still going? Okay, if you check your air handler it should be pretty easy to determine if you have a conventional or heat pump.

Number of transformers? Do you have a high-end, newer efficient unit? Then you'll likely have two transformers if your'e unit has a high and low setting.

Next up, if you're unit was properly wired before, it will be as simple as matching color-to-color once you identify which configuration you have.

Unfortunately, if you're system was not wired properly before, you're going to be opening your air handler and likely going far beyond the level of this guide or anything a DIYer should be doing. 

One last thing to note? The Honeywell ZWSTAT requires a 24VAC common wire. Many traditional thermostats do NOT require a common wire, so there's a decent chance your installer never ran one before. 

Traditional thermostats can get the occasional power they need from the other wires. The ZWSTAT will require this common wire for its power and will not work without it. The wire will likely be black and not connected to anything else.

But again, we can't stress this enough. Call a your local HVAC specialist because you can very easily damage your transformer and cost yourself way more than that phone call would have been!

Good luck and please ask us any questions about wiring a ZWSTAT in the comments below. And then be sure and contact us when you're ready to sign up for Total Connect to begin taking advantage of your new ZWSTAT with remote control!

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The ZWSTAT does not support Remote temperature sensors and you could not be able to use two thermostats for one air conditioning unit ( unless the system is already zoned)
Is it possible to use two ZWSTATs on the same air handler? would the second one be able to talk to the fist one via Z wave. Like zone controlling but without the dampeners. It's much colder in our master bed room than where the stat is in the hall.
I believe you do need to plug it in for it to show anything on the display. The battery is just for backup if it loses AC power.
I just purchased zwstat and I was wondering if something is going to be shown on the display before i plug this thing in runing on the 3V battery like other thermostats or need that 24V power
As we aren't an HVAC company, it's really hard to troubleshoot the issue. I would think a real HVAC company could call Honeywell's HVAC support team for help when they are on site and are able to check all wiring/programming.
I shouldn't have said "I" installed it I actually had an hvac guy or more of a private furnace installer come out and hook it up. The old wiring wouldn't work for a power source so I ran new wire from the unit to the furnace and he wired everything from there. He called Honeywell and they suggested a secondary transformer but power didn't seem to be the problem. I am wondering if it's just a programming error. We have a conventional furnace from the 60's
That sounds like you have something wired incorrectly. I would suggest you get an HVAC guy out to the house to check your wiring.
I installed the thermostat but when I turn the heat up the furnace acts like it wants to kick on but then shuts off the furnace. During this time the thermostat reads "wait" under the temperature. I'm stuck at this point and the people at Honeywell were no help.

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