How do I wire multiple sirens to a Honeywell Vista 15P?

Are you looking to wire multiple wired sirens to your Honeywell Vista 15P panel? Then it's time for a quick electrical circuit lesson!

The Vista 15P only has one set of siren output terminals, so you're going to have to wire your wired sirens in parallel.

That just means you will need to wire all the positive ends of the wired sirens into terminal 3 of the Vista 15P and all the negatives into terminal 4.

You will have to be mindful of the current draw of your sirens. The Vista 15P can handle up to 2 amps at the 12 VDC using the panel's built-in power supply.

For example, if you're hooking up Honeywell 747 sirens, they each draw 400mA. Therefore you can use up to 5 wired in parallel to the 15P.

If you need more, you will have to hook up an auxiliary power supply like the Honeywell AD12612 or Altronix SMP3.

Alternatively, you can hook up a wireless siren using a device like the Honeywell 6160RF keypad with built in wireless receiver. Wireless sirens don't draw power from the panel so you don't need to include them in your siren output calculations.

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