How do you activate chime mode on a Honeywell L5200?

First you will need to enable the chime mode in system settings on the Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm panel. Enter the security interface on the panel's touchscreen display. Then click 'more' on the bottom right. Next select 'Settings.' Once you are in settings there is a chime icon. You can toggle the chime feature by pressing the chime icon. When the circle beside the chime is lit up green chime is enabled. You may also want to adjust the chime volume while you are in system settings. Simply slide the bar to the right to increase the chime's volume. This will increase volume for everything that is anunciated from the L5200.

There is also zone by zone chime setting that must be enabled on any zone that you desire to chime. If there are specific zones that are not chiming you will need to enter zone programming by following the sequence below:

Security > More > Tools > Enter your installer code > Program > Zones

Once you are in zone programming click on the zones that you wish to have chime followed by 'edit.' You will find a chime feature in the center at the very bottom of the screen. This will have to be set to 'Yes' in order for that zone to chime when tripped. Make sure to save before exiting. Always allows the installer to reenter programming on your way back to the home screen.

Also, the L5200 is the first Honeywell alarm system that offers several different chime tones. When the alarm system is disarmed select the 'Zones' icon. Then click the 'Select All' button until you see 'Select Chime.' Select the zone you would like to assign the chime tone to. Once the zone (s) are selected click the 'Chime' button on the bottom left until the proper chime sounds. Then save your changes.

Lastly, you will want to test when the system is disarmed that zones setup to chime are in fact producing chimes. The chime feature is a great solution for testing sensors without needing to go back to the panel.

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