How Do I Activate Chime Mode On A Honeywell L7000?

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch L7000 has a large 7” touchscreen with graphic icons and is very user friendly.

To activate chime, the system must be in the disarmed mode. Press the “Security” icon on the front screen. Press “More”, press “Settings”. Chime will be located toward the bottom of the screen. Press “Chime”. When the chime mode is “On” and active, the button will be green, when “Off” it will be gray. Press “Save” to save your setting. After saving the setting, press the return icon to to go back to the main screen.

The Lynx Touch L7000 has ten (10) chime tones to select from and each zone can be programmed with a different tone.

To select a chime tone, make sure the system is in the disarmed mode. Press the “Security” icon on the front screen. Press the “Zones” icon. The system’s zone list will appear. Press “Select All”, scroll until “Select Chime” appears. Select a zone from the zone list, press “Chime” to scroll through the chime options. The chime sound will chime when selected. Press the “Save” button to save your settings. After saving a keypad will appear, enter the Master User Code. The system will return to the Security screen after the master user code is entered.

When the Chime Mode is active, the system provides an audible alert when a door or window is opened when the system is in the disarmed mode. If the zone voice descriptor is programmed, the system will announce what zone has been opened. The zone fault will show on the touchscreen.

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