How do I change the code on a First Alert FA260 keypad?

First Alert Professional systems are really just branded Honeywell security systems. While they are designed for First Alert dealers, they can be used as local systems or even be monitored by non-First Alert dealers.

When it comes to changing user codes, the most important thing you can know, aside from your Installer Code or Master Code, is what alarm panel you're using. You can usually find this information by looking at the green printed circuit board inside the metal enclosure that houses your control panel, or you may be able to tell from the manuals provided by the installer, or by the schematic affixed to the inside of the metal enclosure lid. Knowing the alarm panel type will give you specific information necessary to successfully manage user codes.

If you don't know the existing Master Code for your panel, you should be able to change the Master with the Installer Code. If you don't have the Installer Code, there is a backdoor method to get into programming so that you can view or change the current installer code.

The following are general instructions that should work on most modern Honeywell manufactured panels, including First Alert Professional. Again, to know exactly how to manage user codes, you must know the model number of your control panel.

Just like with a VISTA Series panel, you will need to remove the security system transformer from the wall outlet and unhook one lead from the backup battery, which will power down your system. You will find the battery inside the beige metal cabinet that houses the First Alert control panel. Once the system is powered down, plug the transformer back into the wall and immediately press * and # together on the FA260 keypad. If done correctly, the keypad should display 'Installer Code 20' on the display. You can then hit #20 to view the current installer code. The code will be displayed as four 2-digit numbers. For example, if the Installer Code is 9876, it would be displayed as 09 [beep] 08 [beep] 07 [beep] 06 [beep, beep, beep]. Each digit is followed by a beep, and the final digit is followed by 3 beeps. You can also simply change the Installer Code to a 4 digit code of your choice by pressing *20 + New 4 Digit Code. Again, after entry of the final digit, you'll hear 3 beeps, and to verify the code was taken correctly, you can then press #20 to have the system read it back to you. Now that you know the Installer Code, you can exit programming mode by pressing *99, and would then be able to reenter programming by keying in the Installer Code + 800, if necessary.

Once you know the installer code and have exited programming mode, you can assign a new Master Code by pressing the Installer Code + 8 + 02 + New 4 Digit Code. If accepted, the keypad should give a short beep to confirm the change and you can then use the new code to arm/disarm. Please note all codes must be unique, if you attempt to change a code to an existing 4 digit code, you will receive a long error tone, and the code will not be changed.

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HI Paul, A FA215 is a Keypad not the actual alarm system, We would be able to better assist if we could figure out what particular alarm system it is that we are dealing with. As it's going to be different steps to change your code based on what system it is you have. If you wanted to send a picture of your motherboard for your system to we should be able to give you the steps from there. Have a great day!
I have an FA215 security device and do not know how to change the code
Perhaps a little more information can help us to help you. Can you tell us what the model number of the contact is? Is it wired or wireless? Is it new or is it a little older? Have there been any changes to the way the contact is installed?
hi my fa260 chimes the back door when to contact is broken and it chimes when it makes contact again. this is the only sensor that does this and its annoying. anybody know how to change this so it only chimes when broken?
We would need to the model of the alarm system not the keypad in order to answer that question. Do you have a FA168CPS? You can check inside the metal cabinet that houses the alarm control panel. There is a small PROM chip that should have the revision information printed on it. Most First Alert systems operates similar to the VISTA-20P where you have to go into the zone programming menu and configure the zone. Are you currently monitored? Is the window sensor wired or wireless?
Can anyone tell me how to install window sensors for the FA 260 Professional keypad?
Can anyone tell me how to install window sensors for the First Alert FA260 Professional keypad?
1) It means to unplug the transformer that gives the system power, this will be found in a wall outlet. 2) If you're referring to the battery, yes unplugging the red lead will stop the power from the battery to the panel. 3) If you're doing this after a full system power cycle and you're getting a long error tone, you seem to be locked out of programming. I suggest calling us to see if we would be able to assist with that. If you're just pressing those buttons without rebooting, then you're possibly tripping a panic. You'll need to disarm the system.
H there, I have some questions: 1)what do you exactly mean by "Unplug your alarm from the Wall Outlet", are there any wire connection need to be disconnected? 2) I disconnect on terminal"red" 3)when I hit * and +, it will trigger alert -so noisy. I don't know how to stop it.
I would imagine two of the numbers are repeating. If you listen to the beeps, you can tell if there are actually two of the same numbers in the installer code sequence. For example, if the code was set to 4112. The screen display would not change from the first 01 to the second 01. However, if you listen, it will beep in between each 01 indicating the repeating digits.
It only gives me three numbers for master code any idea?
Marvin, the programming is done from a keypad that is connected to the system. No internet connection is needed.
does it need a n internet connection when programming the system? thank you.
Thanks for clarifying this Joey. You are correct that when in programming, the installer code will be displayed as four two-digit numbers when you press #20. When adding the code, you only have to press the four digit installer code. It depends on your system but you are also correct that if 02 + new code doesn't work, you should try 2 + new code to get it to beep and confirm. Glad we were able to help.
Ok the instructions above are somewhat correct and definitely helped me out, but this is what was different for me. 1st: Unplug your alarm from the Wall Outlet. (should be found near Alarm Lock Box. 2nd: Disconnect one of the battery terminals located inside the Alarms Lock Box (Mine was located in a closet.) 3rd: Plug the Wall Outlet for the Alarm System back in. 4th: Immediately hit [*] and [#] at the same time and hold it till you see the readout say [20] 5th: Hit [#]+[2]+[0] You should immediately hear a beep and the read out will give you four(4) two(2) digit numbers. This is your Master Install Code. 6th: Once written down hit [*]+[9]+[9] this will get you out of programing mode. 7th: Now that you have the Install Code you can set up a user. Key in your [Install Code]+8+02+[4 digit number] NOTE: I can not remember for the life of me if I hit 02 or 2 so if you dont hear a beep after entering your code try the same steps but remove the 0. Also my Install code was 01 05 09 08, I did not have to use it as [01050908]+8+[(02/2)]+[4 digit number] I only had to use it as [1598]+[8]+[(02/2]+[4 digit number] 8th: You should be set after this, test it out by keying in your 4 digit number then hit the ready or away button to test it out.

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