How do I install a 5811 wireless door/window sensor?

A Honeywell 5811 wireless thin door or window sensor is the best combination of extended wireless range and size making it the ideal wireless door or window sensor for your Honeywell home security system. The wafer thin case design makes the Honeywell 5811 virtually disappear when mounted against a white door or window frame. Wireless home security does not need to interfere with your home's decor.

Before installing the Honeywell 5811 sensor, you should first conduct a Go/No Go test using your Honeywell wireless security system to ensure that the sensor will have adequate range back to your alarm control panel. If you wait to test the sensor's range after you install, you risk ruining the double sided mounting tape or putting unnecessary holes in your door or window frame unless you are willing to add a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater. The wireless sensor should be mounted on the door or window frame and the included magnet should be installed on the door or window. The reason we recommend this type of installation is so that the delicate circuitry inside the Honeywell 5811 does not get rattled every time you close the door or window. Once you have chosen a good installation location simply affix the double sided tape to the back of the 5811 wireless sensor and press the device into place on the window or door frame. Do the same for the magnet making sure to mount the magnet next to the long side of the 5811 that has the magnet alignment marks. The magnet alignment marks show where the internal reed switch is located and it is very important the magnet is installed next to this location. If you don't wish to use the included double sided tape, you can also open the case of the Honeywell 5811 by inserting a small flathead screwdriver into the notch at the top of the sensor and gently twisting until the case snaps open. You will find (2) mounting holes for screws on the inside of the back plate. To close the case after installing the back plate, align the case tabs on the back plate into the notches of the case for the transmitter and then swing the transmitter down into place until it snaps to the back plate.

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