How do I install a wireless pet immune motion detector?

Wireless pet friendly motion detectors are able to detect intrusion without activating false alarms when small animals enter the protected area. The wireless pet immune motion detectors have special detection patterns with multiple detection zones. A small animal will only set off one detection zone which does not activate an alarm. A human on the other hand, would trip multiple detection zones simultaneously which would trigger an actual alarm.

With the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES wireless pet immune motion detector, you should mount the device 7.5' up on a wall. If you mount the sensor any higher or lower, the preset detection zones will have different angles than intended and will not properly ignore small animals. It is also important that you install the wireless pet immune motion detector so that it is not looking at any furniture within 6' of its mounting location. If there was furniture directly in front of the motion detector, your small animals could climb the furniture and simultaneously activate multiple detection zones triggering a false alarm. You should also make sure you point the pet immune motion detector away from stairways for the same reason. If an animal climbed up or down the stairs, and they were in the field of view of the motion detector, multiple detection zones would be activated at the same time and false alarms would occur. Finally, do not use any optional swivel mount brackets when installing wireless pet immune motion detectors. The pet immune detection zones are angled to avoid false alarms and were designed with the intention of the device being mounted flush against a wall.

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