How do I program a SiXSIREN to a Lyric Gateway?

An alarm company monitoring the Gateway will need to program the SiXSIREN through AlarmNet. The learning mode can be completed locally by a certified dealer. DIY companies will remotely initiate learning mode, and allow an end user to locally learn the siren by inserting the batteries.

The Lyric Gateway is built without any user access for installer zone programming. Users cannot add, edit, or remove security devices on the Lyric Gateway. System programming can be accessed by an alarm company who is monitoring the unit. The Lyric Gateway will need one of its communication paths to be active for the alarm company to access the system and activate service. After they log into the system, they can access system programming and assist in any programming needs for the system. You will need to be on site with the Lyric Gateway and the SiXSIREN as the monitoring company logs into the system to add the device to the Gateway. When adding any new device to the Gateway, it’s always good practice to let your monitoring company know the time and date you would like to program. It's best to let them know this days in advance, so they can have an agent ready to login to your unit and help with programming.

If you would like to use the SiXSIREN chime mode, you’ll need to notify the alarm monitoring company to enable this feature after they log into the system. This has the siren create a chime tone whenever a zone on the system faults (such as a door or window opening).

To add a SiXSIREN to a Lyric Gateway:

  1. Be on site with the Gateway and SiXSIREN. The Lyric Gateway needs to be fully powered up and have an active connection. If the SiXSIREN is new, it should be out of the box and ready to be interacted with. If the device has been used before, it needs to be fully deleted from that system programming before adding it to the Gateway.
  2. Call your monitoring company and let them know you are ready to program the SiXSIREN. They will access your system remotely, get into zone programming, and enable learn mode. Once your monitoring company has confirmed that the system is in learning mode...
  3. If the SiXSIREN is new, pull the battery tab; if used, click the tamper button.
  4. Confirm the SiXSiren is enrolled, click the tamper button. After the security company confirms the device has successfully learned in, click the tamper button once more to complete the learning process.
  5. Name the SiXSiren. Your monitoring company should ask what you would like the siren named and if you would like chime mode enabled.
  6. Put your system on test. Before setting off any alarm, make sure that your alarm company has put your account on test. Ask your monitoring company to put your system on test in order to prevent a dispatch as you test your siren.
  7. Test the siren. With the siren enabled in system programming, setting off a burglary or fire alarm will activate the siren. If chime mode is enabled, opening a door or window will have the siren create a chime tone.

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