How does a Honeywell 5800PIR Work?

A Honeywell 5800PIR works by using passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect the presence of intruders. When a person walks past the 5800PIR, the device will detect their infrared energy signature and trigger an alarm. The 5800PIR motion features a detection range of 35 by 40 feet.

The 5800PIR will be set off whenever a change in infrared energy is detected within its field of view. This change in infrared energy must be large enough to activate the sensor. The 5800PIR was designed this way in order to prevent false alarms from occurring. However, the 5800PIR can have its sensitivity adjusted to allow for very small changes in infrared energy to trigger the device. That being said, users should be aware that this will make false alarms more likely to occur. Users can also adjust the range of detection of the 5800PIR by changing its placement location or by masking its lens.

A great feature of the 5800PIR is that it can be programmed to three different loop numbers in order to change the way that it functions. In Loop 1, the device will have a pulse count of 2 and a low-sensitivity level. Loop 1 also provides pet-immunity, meaning that small animals are unlikely to be seen by the motion detector and cause a false alarm. Although this is a low-sensitivity mode, Loop 1 is generally the recommended setting for the device, as it will still be highly-effective in detecting the presence of an intruder while minimizing false alarms.

Loop 2 of the 5800PIR is a high-sensitivity setting with a pulse count of 1. This means that the device will be set off very easily. Loop 2 does not provide pet-immunity, and it presents a higher chance for false alarms being caused by inanimate objects, such as curtains. For this reason, Loop 2 is not recommended for use in environments with pets or where a small amount of motion might normally occur. However, it can be appropriate for use in locations where absolutely no motion should be present.

Loop 3 allows the 5800PIR to be used as a temperature sensor. This will cause the device to trigger whenever a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is detected for at least 10 minutes. The zone will be automatically restored when a temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is detected for 10 continuous minutes. The 5800PIR can be programmed to use multiple loops, such as loop 1 for motion, and loop 3 for low temperature. When programming in this way, each loop will require its own individual zone on the system.

This video shows how to program the 5800PIR to the L5200:

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when I use loop 2 for 5800 PIR the sensor does not pass the walk test on 2gig gc3. I need a highest sensitivity how can I use the loop 2?

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