How Loud is the DSC WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren on a DSC Impassa?

The DSC WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren can produce sounds up to 85 dB. This is equally as loud as the system's internal siren. The only real purpose of this siren is to produce a sound in a separate building area from the panel. If the user wants a louder siren, they should use the WT4911B.

The DSC Impassa System already has an internal siren that can produce sounds of up to 85 dB. This is about as loud as a passing diesel truck. The DSC WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren is equally as loud. Therefore, the only real reason to use this siren is to have a second sounder in a separate part of the building. Otherwise, adding the WT4901 doesn't provide a real benefit.

DSC produces another compatible wireless siren for their Impassa System, the DSC WT4911B. This is a wireless outdoor siren with a blue strobe light. The strobe light provides a visual indication of an alarm, and the siren can produce sounds of up to 100 dB. This is about as loud as a motorcycle. For most applications, the WT4911B is certainly loud enough. And unlike the WT4901, the WT4911B will actually provide an increase in siren volume. The WT4911B can also be used in an outdoor environment, as it is prepared to stand up to any rain, dust and heavy sunlight that is present. The device features a IP34 rating for this purpose.

If the user needs an even louder siren than the WT4911B, then they will need to use a hardwired siren. A hardwired siren will usually be more challenging to set up, and the user will most likely need to provide auxiliary power to the device. But the benefit to a hardwired siren is that many of these devices can produce sounds of up to 120 dB. This is certainly loud enough for any installation. Not only will 120 dB alert people in the building, it should also alert people in nearby properties

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