How many burg zones are on a Lyric security system?

The Lyric security system supports 128 wireless zones using the 5800 series, and SiX series transmitters. These zones can be used for burg, fire, carbon monoxide, or any other zone type which is appropriate to the transmitter being used. Zones 127 - 130 are intended as Garage Door zones, if Garage Doors are being used. In addition, there are 2 hardwired zones, which can be used as burg zones, but should not be used for Fire, Carbon Monoxide, or any other life safety zone type. The hardwired zones can be programmed as Normally Closed, Normally Open, or EOLR. There are 4 programmable panic zones. Zones 995, 996, 998, and 999. These panics can be programmed with any one of the following zone types, 24 hour silent, audible, personal, and fire, and are activated by pressing the Panic Key for 4 seconds, then selecting the panic option appropriate for your situation. If no selection is made for 10 seconds, the panic screen will time out.

Note: For the silent panic to be of any practical value, the system should be monitored.

In addition there are 32 RF button zones (5800 series or SiX series Keyfobs) up to 8 SiX Series wireless keypads, and 12 Temperature zones.

Finally, there are a number of logical zones, used for supervision purposes, as follows:

Zone 850 - Wireless Keypad Low Batt

Zone 990 - RF Jam SiX Series

Zone 900 - Cover Tamper

Zone 992 - Comm. Trouble

Zone 901 - Expansion Tamper

Zone 997 - Local Alarm

Zone 988 - RF Jam 5800 Series

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