How Much Does it Cost to have a Home Alarm System?

A home alarm system costs the price of the equipment plus the price of the monitoring service. Alarm Grid customers can finance their equipment or pay for it up-front. Once a user has paid off their equipment, they own it outright, and they will only have to pay a monthly monitoring fee.

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The actual cost of a home security system varies greatly between different monitoring companies. But at the end of the day, it is a sum of the cost of the equipment and the cost of the monitoring service. Some companies will try to hide the actual costs from customers by charging various one-time fees, such as an "activation fee" or an "installation fee".

One thing that separates Alarm Grid from most other security companies is that we are completely transparent in our prices. We never charge any "added fees", and we never lock customers into any contracts. With Alarm Grid, the price a customer sees is the price they will pay. It's the price of their equipment, plus the price of their monitoring service, and absolutely nothing more.

Alarm Grid is able to keep prices low by operating as a DIY company. We don't roll any trucks, and we never send out any technicians to a customer's home or business. Instead, all support is done online or over the phone. This is possible because alarm systems are actually very easy to install and program with just a small amount of guidance. By operating this way, we never have to charge any "installation fees" to our customers. With other alarm companies, these fees can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Another thing to remember about Alarm Grid is that all of the equipment is owned by the customer outright. A customer can choose to purchase their equipment up-front, or they can finance it though our financing partner, Affirm. If they finance the equipment, they will make monthly payments until it is paid off. And if a customer already has an alarm system that we can takeover from another monitoring company, they can bring it over to Alarm Grid for free. Alarm Grid is always happy to takeover existing equipment to help customers save money. Once a user has paid-off their equipment, their only cost will be their monthly fee for monitoring service. We list all of these prices on our alarm monitoring page.

Since Alarm Grid is no-contract, customers can leave Alarm Grid at any time, and they will never have to pay any sort of cancellation fee. If a user ever does leave Alarm Grid, all of the equipment is theirs to keep. All of the equipment we offer is non-proprietary, and it can be taken to a different alarm company if desired. And if they want, they can certainly bring it back to Alarm Grid for monitoring service at any time.

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