How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Security System?

The cost of putting in a security system varies depending upon the equipment that is used, the alarm monitoring company and the type of service that is being provided. With Alarm Grid, the total price is the upfront cost of the equipment and the user's monthly alarm monitoring fee.

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Other security companies may charge additional fees when a user is first setting up and activating their alarm system. For example, an alarm company may send out a service technician to the user's home or business and charge them an "installation fee". The company may then charge the user an "activation fee" for initially starting up their service.

If the user needs to make changes to their alarm system, the monitoring company may refuse to disclose the Installer Code and charge the user a "service fee" to have a technician come out to their home or business. Many alarm companies also lock users into contracts, and they may charge a "cancellation fee" for ending their service.

Customers should also be very wary of any security company that offers a "free alarm system". While this system might be free, it is most likely a proprietary system that will only work with the companies own monitoring services. If the user tries to bring the system to a different monitoring company, it is likely that the system will not work.

Meanwhile, Alarm Grid works hard to be transparent as possible in its monitoring costs. Users pay the upfront cost of their equipment and a monthly monthly monitoring fee. A user will pay nothing more than these two expenses. Alarm Grid never charges any added or hidden fees. With Alarm Grid, what you see is exactly what you get.

Alarm Grid operates a DIY model, and no service technicians are ever sent out to the user's home. Instead, the user installs their security system on their own, using free technical support that is provided online or over the phone.This means that there are never any installation fees or service fees. Alarm Grid also never charges any activating fees for starting monitoring service.

Alarm Grid is also no-contract. Customers are free to leave Alarm Grid at any time, and they will not pay any cancellation fees. They will keep their alarm system and any sensors that they own. This equipment can then be taken to a different alarm company if desired. All of the equipment that Alarm Grid offers is non-proprietary.

Alarm Grid made a blog post that outlines the estimated cost of an Alarm Grid System. We recommend checking that blog post for a more accurate picture of the cost of a security system. But in short, the typical Alarm Grid customer will pay $35 per month for monitoring service and $350 upfront for a 2GIG GC2 Verizon-LTE 3-1 Kit and optional table stand. Of course, these prices will vary depending on the exact monitoring plan and the equipment that is purchased. We also encourage potential customers to check out our monitoring page to learn more about our monitoring plans.

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