How Much is Alarm Grid Security Per Month?

The cost of Alarm Grid security per month depends on the user's alarm monitoring plan. The most popular monitoring plan is the Gold Plan that costs $35 per month. But the cost can be lower if a user is willing to give up certain features. The cheapest monitoring plan is just $10 per month.

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One important thing to remember about Alarm Grid monitoring plans is that the prices are all-inclusive. We never charge our customers extra fees for activation, phone or online technical support, moving or cancellation. When you see an Alarm Grid price, that is the price you will pay - nothing more. This is often not the case for other alarm companies, which can charge hundreds for things like activation or cancellation. And although Alarm Grid doesn't always offer the cheapest plans in the industry, we always guarantee the highest level of support and service.

The most popular monitoring plan from Alarm Grid is the Gold Plan. We consider this plan to be the standard by which every other monitoring plan is judged. The Gold Plan includes connectivity with a UL Listed Central Station for automatic emergency dispatch, cellular monitoring, remote alerts through text and email, access to Total Connect 2.0 or and remote Z-Wave smart home control. This plan costs users $35 per month.

But if a user doesn't require all of the features, they can save money by choosing a cheaper monitoring plan. The Gold Plan is commonly referred to as a "Full Plan" because it includes connectivity with a central monitoring station. But not every user requires this service. Some customers are fine without automatic emergency dispatch because they are confident in their ability to receive system alerts via text or email and contact the authorities on their own. For these customers, we offer "Self Plans" that are less expensive than full plans. The Self Gold plan includes everything featured in the full Gold Plan, minus connectivity with a central station, for $25 per month.

Some customers may decide that they don't need cellular connectivity, and they will rely on IP communication for monitoring services. This is generally not recommended, as cellular offers superior reliability when compared with internet communication. Cellular signals rarely go down, and this type of communication is not affected by typical power outages. But if a customer is fine with relying on internet only, the Silver Plans offer the same features as the Gold Plans, minus the cellular connectivity. These plans cannot be used with, as the service requires an alarm system to have an active cellular connection. However, Silver Plans can be used with Honeywell Alarm Systems and Total Connect 2.0. The full Silver Plan is $25 per month, while the Self Silver Plan is $15 per month.

The next step down is the full Bronze Plan. This plan does not include remote Z-Wave capabilities, text and email alerts or access to Total Connect 2.0. The only thing included with the Bronze Plan is the capability for an alarm system to communicate with a central station through an internet connection or a phone line for automatic emergency dispatch. This is a relatively bare-bones plan, but it can be useful for users who want simple monitoring service with no-frills. The Bronze Plan is $15 per month.

The least expensive monitoring plan we offer is the Self Bronze Plan. This plan is best compared with the Self Silver Plan, minus remote Z-Wave control. Unlike the full Bronze Plan, the Self Bronze Plan actually includes limited access to Total Connect 2.0. A user can access the service to arm and disarm their panel and to check the current status of their sensors. The user will also receive text and email alerts regarding any system events. But the system will not be connected with a central monitoring station. The Self Bronze Plan is good for users who are otherwise content with the Self Silver Plan, but don't intend on using smart home devices with the alarm system. The Self Bronze Plan costs $10 per month.

If a user wants to use security cameras, they may need to jump up to a Platinum Level Plan. These plans provide the same features as the Gold Plans, with the addition of video surveillance. The Platinum Plan costs $45, and it is Alarm Grid's most expensive plan. The Self Platinum Plan costs $35 per month. If you are interested in Self Bronze or Self Silver monitoring, but would also like to add video surveillance, speak to one of our system planners to discuss special pricing for adding video to one of these accounts.

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