How to Add User Codes on a LYNX L3000 Panel?

You can add user codes on a LYNX L3000 Panel by using the system's Master Code. The system supports up to 8 different user codes. Each code is assigned a different number to help identify it. Any standard user code on a LYNX L3000 System will be assigned a certain value between 03 and 06.

On a LYNX L3000 System, Code 01 is used as the Installer Code, and Code 02 is used as the Master Code. The codes that are numbered 03 through 06 are used as the standard user codes. The code assigned to slot 07 is used as the Guest Code (also known as the "Babysitter" Code). The code assigned to slot 08 is used as the duress code. Each code consists of 4 digits. Also, each code must be different from any other code assigned with the system.

A user may want to assign new codes to slots 03-06 to use new user codes with the system. This is done by entering the following command:

[Master Code] + [8] + [User Number 03 - 06] + [Desired Code]

Complete the following steps to assign a new user code to the L3000 System:

1. Prepare the system. Get the system ready for an incoming command. This is done by entering [Master Code] + [8].

2. Choose a user number. Tell the L3000 System which user number you wish to add/edit. Since a standard user code is being added, a number from 03 - 06 must be entered. Enter in [User Number 03 - 06].

3. Assign a code. Now that the user number has been identified, a desired code must be entered. The code can be any combination of four digits. Each 4-digit code must be unique on the system. Enter in the [Desired Code].

Additionally, it is also possible to change the Master Code by using the Installer Code for the L3000 System. This is useful in case the Master Code was forgotten for whatever reason. This is done by entering in the following command:

[Installer Code] + [8] + [02] + [New Master Code]

Remember, the command [02] identifies that the code being programmed is the Master Code. Of course, the Master Code can also be changed using the existing Master Code instead of the Installer Code.

If a user ever needs to delete a code from the panel, they can do so by entering in the following command:

[Master Code] + [8] + [User Number 03 - 08]

Wait about three seconds, the keypad will generate a single confirmation beep, which lets you know the code has been deleted. Remember, the Installer Code and the Master Code cannot be deleted from the panel.

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I'm so glad to hear you were able to get the system working. If you would be willing to post a review of your experience with us so far at, that would be a big help for us.
Seriously, you are awesome. I cannot thank you enough for your help. So excited we are going to be able to use this system! Thank you!
Yes, with the IC set, you should be able to use the IC to change the MC to something you want to use to arm/disarm. Keep in mind you can't make the MC the same as the IC.
That worked. So now that I have a new ic set, I can pretty much just follow the user manual to program master, etc?
Try *20 and then the four digit code you want to make the IC.
It only beeps when I press the buttons. Still says code 20 no matter what 4 digit code I enter. I enter the code and nothing happens
Do you get any audible feedback from the system when trying to enter a new IC? The IC must be different than any other codes programmed into the system so I would think the only reason it wouldn't advance to field 21 is if you are entering a four digit code that's already assigned as another user code.
It does not move to field 21 once I enter new 4 digit code
If all you are trying to do is change the installer code (IC), then you would just hit the four digit code you want once you see 20 and the panel should beep and move to field 21. Then, hit *99 and you will be out of programming and you should then be able to access program again using the four digit code you entered followed by 800. Once you have the IC set to something you know, you should be able to set a new master code using the IC. What system do you have?
I do have fixed english. So if I reset the system again what do I do? Before I pressed # and * then 20 appeared. I tried to enter a new code and press 1 but nothing happened, 20 was still displayed then we tried several things and the programming came up. We just need to be able to enter a new code and we are completely unaware of what the code was previously. Home is a foreclosure we purchased.
What system do you have? If you saw 20 displayed, then you did successfully get into programming. It sounds like you have a Fixed English keypad, as opposed to an alphanumeric keypad, and since you "tried several things", you may have inadvertently changed some of the system's programming now. I would suggest power cycling again if you are still stuck in programming.
we just moved into a home with a Honeywell lynxr system. we disconnected battery and unplugged it. 20 code displayed, I tried several things and now we have a PRO menu up. I have no idea what I am doing, I don't know if it accepted my code or anything. I need help

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