How to determine trouble condition on a DSC 1555 panel

On Some DSC LCD Fixed keypads, a trouble is indicated by this symbol: which can be confused for the Medical Panic button. Here's how to determine what the trouble condition is:

  1. Press *2 on the keypad.
  1. Any of the numbers 1 – 8 may show up, indicating one or more of 8 possible trouble types
    1. 1 = Service Required (See Below)
    2. 2 = AC Fail
    3. 3 = Telco Trouble
    4. 4 = Comm Failure
    5. 5 = Zone Fault (press 5 for a list of zone numbers)
    6. 6 = Zone Tamper (press 6 for a list of zone numbers)
    7. 7 = Low Battery (non-system) (See Below)
    8. 8 = Lost Clock Setting
  1. When a 1 is indicated, pressing 1 again will show a number or numbers indicating the type of service required:
    1. 1 = Low System Battery
    2. 2 = Bell Circuit Trouble
    3. 3 = General Trouble
    4. 4 = General Tamper (such as keypad tamper)
    5. 5 = System Supervisory (such as for an expansion module)
    6. 6 = RF Jam
    7. 7 = PC5204 (Power Supply) Trouble Low Battery
    8. 8 = PC5204 (Power Supply) Trouble AC Loss
  1. When a 7 is displayed, this indicates an RF Zone has a Low Battery. By pressing 7 again:
    1. 1 keypad beep plus Zone Number or Numbers indicate which zones are experiencing Low Battery
    2. Press 7 again, 2 beeps plus zone numbers 1 – 4 lit indicate a handheld RF Keypad with a low battery
    3. Press 7 again, 3 beeps plus zone numbers 1 – 8 or 1 – 16 indicate wireless keys with low battery.
  1. To Exit this mode when finished, press # until the display returns to normal. This will back you out one screen at a time.

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It is possible could be a bad sensor if it has worked before and nothing has changed in programming. Have you had any power surges recently that may have affected the panel?
Hi Sterling, I got the same system DSC 1555. One of my two windows in Zone 4 did not work at all. When I closed or open that window nothing showed up on the panel. It worked before; but now it is not working. Do you think it is bad sensor? the other window worked fine. I think it is magnet switch sensor. I teared down the sensor and I saw the two wires covered with a bund of gel.
Yes that could make sense if VOIP was being used.
After dearming the system (trouble light stays on) I'm getting intermittent chirps. *2 shows codes 3 and 4. I know this is a telco and comms failure, but my system has never been monitored; it's always just been a local alarm. I've never even had a landline phone at my home before. Any idea what could cause this? One possibility is that the telco/comms errors were held at bay via my internet provider. However, I moved out of the house and cancelled the internet; it's possible these issues started after then. Does that make sense?
Hi Rob, What you described actually proves zone 1 is working as the panel is faulting the zone when you remove the wire and restoring the zone when you put the wire back. Since opening and closing the door is not doing the same, your issue seems to be with the door contact itself. Wired door contacts can get "stuck" over time so that they are constantly in a "closed" position even though the magnet isn't near the sensor. Do you know if zone 1 is made up of only one door contact or multiple door contacts?
DSC 1555 panel Z1 is not working weather you open or close the door. remove wire from Z1 and "zone 1" appears on the keypad. replace wire and zone 1 clears. ready light is on. arm & disarm system. it is like Z1 is not there. please help.

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