How do I increase sensitivity of a Honeywell 5800PIR?

The Honeywell 5800PIR motion detector has two basic sensitivity levels that can be programmed into the Honeywell wireless security system. If the 5800PIR is programmed in as Loop 1, it will be in Low Sensitivity (Pulse count 2), or pet-immune mode. This will allow an 80 lb. animal to move about the premises freely without causing a false alarm. To increase the sensitivity of the 5800PIR motion, change the programming of the device to Loop 2. This is High sensitivity (Pulse count 1) mode, but the 5800PIR will no longer act as a pet-immune motion detector. The programmed loop of the 5800PIR motion detector is the only way to increase the sensitivity of the device.

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Hi, Have you tried to delete the sensor and reprogram it on loop 2? If you are monitored with us please email us or call us so we can take a look at your programming. If not, it would be best to contact your monitoring company to discuss things further.
I have 2gig gc3 panel and the motion detector does not communicate with the panel on loop 2 mode.
You should just program the zone with loop 2. The flashlight feature is only for testing purposes.
how i can change to the loop #2 using flash light? thank you

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