How To Program A Leviton VR106 On A Tuxedo Touch WiFi

Before enrolling a Levitron V106 Z-Wave device, it must be installed according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The dimmer switch has voltage of 120VAC, 60 Hz and should be installed in accordance with your local electrical codes. Once installed, go to the Honeywell Tuxedo. From the home screen, press the “automation” icon, then press the Z-Wave setup icon and Z-Wave Device Management will be displayed on the touchscreen. Press the ZWave “enroll-add” icon. At the Levitron V106 device, press the “function key” . If the Levitron V106 dimmer switch was added, an On/Off button and slide bar will be displayed on your touchscreen, this will be to control the Levitron V106 dimmer switch. When enrolling the Levitron V106 dimmer switch the touch screen will display a series of message: start add device, please press function key on device, adding controller unit, adding slave unit and device added successfully.

After the Levitron V106 dimmer switch is enrolled users can set up “scenes”. The scene feature is used to control a single device or multiple devices based on pre-set “conditions”, “triggers” and “actions”. When a condition/trigger occurs, the action is executed. Time Setting is one of the features of triggers and conditions and the condition would be “lights on/off”. For example: the condition - turn the lights on only when the system is disarmed, only at night. Then set the time for the condition (6PM). The trigger is when the system is disarmed, set the trigger to “security” system disarm. The action would be to turn the lights on, set the action to Light “on”.

Users can also control home automation from any computer, smartphone or ios device and receive notifications on alarm events via email and or text messages when connected to Total Connect 2.0.

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