How to program Honeywell 5828V wireless keypad?

A Honeywell 5828V wireless talking alarm keypad programs the same way as a 5828 alarm keypad, using the House ID feature of your Honeywell wireless security system. To program the House ID and the other features of a Honeywell 5828V, press and hold [1] and [3] for five seconds and the keypad will flash alternately between '00' and '--' to signify that you have entered programming mode. Each programming menu, 1-7 is denoted by “t1”, “t2”, “t3”, etc. and you use the [*] to advance to the next menu after entering a valid option for the section:
“t1”: Press [1] to go to the first programming menu, where the 5828V will alternately flash “t1” and the (2) digit House ID. Set the House ID to a number between (01) and (31). You must also program this same House ID code into your Honeywell wireless alarm control panel.

“t2”: Choose [1] for use with a VISTA Series security system and [2] for use with a LYNX Series security system.

“t3”: The exit delay programmed here must match the exit delay in the alarm control panel, select an option 0-9 to set the exit delay in increments of (15) seconds (e.g. [1] = (15) seconds, [2] = (30) seconds).

“t4”: Press [0] to disable the voice feature, and [1] to enable the voice feature.

“t5”: Press [1] for use with an original LYNX, press [2] for use with LYNXR, LYNXR-2, LYNX Plus, LYNX Touch, or VISTA Series alarm control panel.

“t6”: Press [0] to select the programmable buttons as panic buttons, or press [1] to select them as one touch arming buttons. This must match the programming in the control panel.

“t7”: Will display as “EE”. Press [1] to restore factory settings, or [*] to exit programming mode of the 5828V keypad.

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This is for the initial installation programming. If you want to toggle voice on and off as a user: #(Function) then 4 then 0 = Off # then 4 then 2 = On
It was my pleasure Brian and I'm sorry the research didn't come up with a workable solution for you at this time. If you do find the budget to activate TC2 for your system (or even want to test it out on one site), please keep us in mind!
I was afraid that that would be the answer. That’s a great idea and I’ll keep it in mind for next years fiscal year. However, we as many institutions such as ourselves rely heavily on donations for our major funding. I can’t justify at this time an additional $1,400 annually from my departmental budget to cover all of our housing at this time. Thank you so much for researching this for me.
We tested and confirmed with Honeywell and unfortunately the wireless keypads were never designed to be able to voice chime when in armed mode. We do have Total Connect 2.0 service (offered as low as $10/month with our Self Bronze plan at that would send you a text or email on the General Monitor zones when they open even if the system is armed. Is that something you'd be interested in as a work around to the hardware limitations?
We use these systems at the Children’s home I work at. The system serves as a standard alarm system as well as a monitor for internal doors. The perimeter sensors E.g. windows and entry/exit doors will set off the alarm when the system is armed. The interior sensors will alert if say a residents bedroom door opens. With the interior sensors set to General Monitor they will not set off the alarm system when it is armed. What it will do is alert that activity was detected at that sensor. As an example if a resident leaves their bedroom the staff is alerted that a resident to what room. Again the problem that I am having is the 5828v stops sending the voice annunciation when the system is armed. That doesn’t make sense to me that it would do that. I’m wondering if there is a setting I’m overlooking on the L7000.
Hi Brian, I'm sorry but I'm somewhat confused. You mentioned that when the panel is armed, the chime works but voice doesn't for sensors. But then you mentioned when the alarm sounds the voice and chime works. What sensors are you using when the system is armed that don't trip the alarm but still function and only set off a chime?
Yes I have set off an alarm and that works. What I'm having trouble with is internal sensors, E.g. office door only chimes at keypad when alarm is armed. The L7000 is set for chime and voice and get both at internal sensors when system is armed. I still only get chime at the 5828v even with the voice turned on.
The keypad will annunciate system status, zone information, and alarms with zone information in plain English. When running on battery only, the keypad will not wake-up for any announcement. When the system is armed, have you set off an alarm and the keypad did not vocalize the alarm?
I have an L7000 with a 5828v. When the alarm is armed the 5828v will only chime.When it is in standby (not armed) it chimes w/voice. Why does it only chime when the system is armed? Is it not supposed to chime and voice when armed when voice is turned on? Thank you.
Bill, again,please send all your questions to so we can discuss further.
Hi Bill, please send this info to so we can discuss further.
Can the 5828V function buttons B & C be programmed by pressing keys 7 & 9 and waiting until the - - appears. If so how? Bill
Sterling, apparently this setup is non-addressable - when is set up receiver address as 1 and ID 28, I get a com error of 100. Thanks. It looks like the display on a 5828V will only show AWAY, STAY & AC. Bill
The 5828V is a fixed english keypad. It will not show any alphanumeric display. When "ready to arm" only the Ready LED will illuminated.
You would need to properly address your 5883H's transmitter module using the DIP switches on your module to address 28 for the tranmitter and address 1 for the receiver (which is the default 2 and 3 OFF and 4 ON) per the installation guide -
Frank - thanks - update status: equipment - 20P, 6160V, 5883H, & 5828V. The 5828V is working OK except that it will not show the status of the system on the display. It does show the Alarm & Ready LEDs. The 5828V has been programmed properly and dip switch 6, on the 5883H has been set to ON, which turns the transmitter ON . On the 5828V, what system status should be normally displayed?
Thanks, The 5828V functions are working, except it will not show any alarm status. It does show the Green and RED LED. It's possible that the 5883H dip switches are not set right. I've only set sw. 6 to ON which enables the transmitter in the receiver.
Are you using the transformer for the keypad? If not you will need to connect this transformer: Otherwise you will need to press and hold the star key to wake it up each time it goes to sleep (on battery only mode).
Installed new 5828V with 5883H works fine when talking to the panel 20P. When and alarm occurs the display does not show the alarm.
"Can not enter installer code to get to any functions." What are you trying to do with the installer code? Which alarm system are you working with? If its a wired system which RF receiver do you have? Do you have the House ID matching?
Update: Now have programmed function keys B &C using your recommendation to press the 7 & 9 key. Can not enter installer code to get to any functions. Still have no AC with AC connected - get no display readouts and not ready LED Can't enter 1+28 in *199
Have a 5828V. Programming 1-7 is OK. Can use master code to program panel for stay & away but unable to get any display or ready light - Get no AC with xfr. plugged in. Can't program functions keys B & C for AWAY and STAY. What I'm I doing wrong?
What type of wireless receiver are you using for your VISTA system?
Yes, if you press and hold 1 and 3 together on the keypad until you see the alternating 00 and '--', you can then press 4 and 0 and then * twice to disable the voice feature.
Is there a way to turn voice off on the 5828V?
i have a 5828v programmed to a vista panel, after arming the system when it reaches the 10 sec point on countdown it starts to beep and wont stop after countdown is finished
Are you using a 6162RF for the system wireless receiver or do you have a standalone wireless receiver?
Hello, I was wondering if a solution was found because I'm having the exact same problem. I have 2) 5828V's, 2) Tuxedo's, and 1) 6162 keypad with a 5800WAVE siren connected to a Vista 20p panel. All the status LED's on the keypads and the siren are red after arming at night. Before I disarm in the mornings I notice the 5828V status LED is green and the display has "AC" in the top right corner and "CHIME" below it but when I push the * READY /STATUS button on the 5828V, the LED turns red and the display updates to STAY INSTANT status. The second 5828V is located in the garage, on AC power, so I can't confirm it's status before disarming.
If it is that consistent (every single time you arm to instant it eventually loses it's status and every single time you arm to any other mode it never loses its status), I would think there's something that can be done to fix it but my guess is there's something else happening that we're just not seeing right now.
I do have it monitored but they could not figure it out. Running out of options. I will keep an eye on what may trigger it to hopefully help solve the problem soon.
Hmm, I've never heard of that issue before and I can't think of any programming issue that would cause that. Is your system monitored currently? I wonder if you've had your monitoring company confirm your programming is right and also what type of signals they are receiving on your account if you are monitored.
Exactly. Not sure how long that time later is but yes.
So when you arm stay instant, at the end of the 60 second countdown when the system actually arms, the 5828 is showing armed at that time but then sometime later, loses that status and shows ready to arm?
Each function displays properly at the time of arming. When arming away, all is good. When disarming stay instant in the morning, I realize it says ready when it is truly armed. When I leave and put arm away and come home after 10 hours, status is accurate as armed. It has been only that at some point during the night, the keypad goes to green.
Does it consistently display the proper status when arming away and stay and consistently not display the proper status when armed to instant?
I have it connected to the K0991. I also have batteries for back up.
Are you running the 5828 off battery only or do you have it plugged into the K0991?
I have a L7000 with a 5828 at another part of the house. It has worked perfect for about one year. At night, we always arm to instant and in the morning disarm from the 5828. The last few mornings, the 5828 shows green and ready but the L7000 displays armed. We can disarm from either panel and it's fine but why does the 5828 all of a sudden say ready when it is armed? Only happens during night, we have no problem during the arm away function. I appreciate any feedback that can help me solve this.
Did you program a House ID code in field *24 of the 21iP programming and then match that code in the keypad programming?
Hello, im trying to install a 5828V with a vista21ip, the keypad does the function of arming and disarming the system correctly but the only thing i see is the green light in the background, i dont see the arm ready light nor the ac on message on the screen, any recommendations about this issue??
Thank you.
The volume only affects the message playback volume and not the beeps or the voice annunciation volume.
How do I control the volume? I see where it's printed on the base but don't know how to use the function.
How far from the panel is the keypad? Try moving it closer, as a test, and then open/close a door zone and arm/disarm the panel. Does it work when the keypad is closer?
My 5828v worked great for the first couple of days. But now it seems to not ever be current with my l5200. If I open a zone it chimes, then if the zone is closed, the panel still says not ready. It will continue to say not ready until I press the star key. This is also true if disarm or arm from my l5200 the panel will still say ready or armed eventhough the system is actually in the opposite status. My 5828v is connected to AC power.
To my knowledge, they don't offer an "Off" sticker, you just have to remember that it's "Off." You can also use the 1 key for "Off" (4-digit code + 1 to disarm). There is no way to configure the 4th button to do anything, in either configuration.
I have installed two 5828V keypads with the single button arming option for off/away/stay. The stickers included have 'away' and 'stay', but no 'off'. Where can I get an 'off' sticker? Also, can the fouth button be programmed to anything, such as a silent police alarm?
If you press *99 it should exit programming. When it asks for a Field, that just means you are in the top level programming and you can press * plus the field number to enter a field to make a change or # and the field number to view a current set value for that field.
I was trying to change the description of one point on my Vista panel and now it is asking me to enter a Field. I am stuck there and can't get back out. Can you help?
Tyler, At this point, I would recommend you default the 5828 you're having trouble with by going into programming, pressing 7, then at the EE prompt, pressing 1 then *. Once this is done, go back through and set all the programming options again making sure that option 2 is programmed as a 1, and option 5 is programmed as a 2, then test again.
I would double check each setting on the non-working keypad again then. I would imagine something is different compared to the original keypad.
Yes, both are set to the same house code and the system is set up on a single partition.
Did you set the same House ID for both keypads?
All the buttons give feedback so I'm not sure what the issue is. I'll have to keep playing with it. Thank you for your help.
The only other reason it wouldn't arm/disarm is that you are entering the wrong arming/disarming codes or perhaps one of the buttons on the keypad that is used for your code is not functioning.
Yes. It will display armed, disarmed, and fault if armed from any other control panel. The lights also activate accordingly.
If you arm from the main panel, does the display on the one that isn't arming/disarming, showing the proper panel status?
Thank you for the fast response. I have 1 5828 programmed and working fine. I wrote down the values for each of the programming menus and used those to program the new 5828 keypad. The old keypad will arm and disarm while the new one will not. The display works properly, but it will not arm or disarm using the user code followed by 1, 2, or 3, depending on what I'm trying to do.
If the programming was done properly, you should be able to arm the system by entering a valid code followed by the 2 or 3 key. If you want to use the one touch arming, you need to press and hold 7 and 9 together after finalizing the programming detailed in the FAQ. Once you do that, you'll be able to enter a valid four digit user code followed by the * key to enable the one touch arming keys on the left.
I have tried programming the 5828 given the instructions above, set the proper house code and master code and the 5828 will not arm or disarm the system (Vista 20p). It does display the current system status, but it will not actually arm or disarm. Are there any additional steps for programming?
The House code is found under "System Type" in panel programming. Make sure it is not set to zero. Then match it to the 5828 in field 1 of programming. The function keys can be setup as panics or quick arming keys. The panics are mapped from Zones 95, 96 and 99 in the LYNX panel.
Thank you Julia for your response. I'm mindful of the house code else the 5828v will not work at all. I am concerned about setting up Function Keys A-C per option t6 in the 5828v setup. My question is where/how do you set up the functions inside the L5100 Lynx?
You do need an available outlet nearby for the K0991 transformers. Otherwise, it can be trick to splice the DC connector into a longer wire. Of course, the keypads do work off batteries alone too though.
If you go to Security->More->Tools->Installer code->Program-> System Type you'll see where you set the system RF House ID Code. This setting must match the House ID Code programmed into the 5828V.
Also, using AC power to power 5828v is a bit tricky even if you buy the Honeywell power supply. The 5828v needs 5Volts DC regulated AND the connections are reversed on the plug. If one is refitting a house with an old hard wired panel, their power supply makes it hard and expensive to rewire 2 or 4 panels like I am doing.
Where is the 5828v programming in the Lynx 5100? In reference to: "This must match the programming in the control panel."
1. You can program the associated panic to be a silent panic instead of an audible panic or you can disconnect the siren wire internally in the panel. 2. Yes, the two button press activation would transmit on the same panic zones that the one touch buttons use. 3. That note is in reference to a VISTA panel. On a VISTA panel, you can program the function buttons on a wired keypad to do various things. Ignore that note on an L5200.
Hi, I have three questions that I have not been able to find answers to searching the web. 1) Is there a way to test the "panic" function of the 5828 keypad (linked to a Lynx 5200 panel) without actually setting off the siren on the 5200? 2) Are the key combinations for panic, like pressing 1 and * at the same time, always active, no matter which selection you've made in the programming for the 4 function keys? I'm thinking yes, but the way the instructions are written they seem to imply that the press-two-keys-together panic functionality is tied to how you have it programmed. 3) What does it mean, regarding the t6 programming (function keys) that "this must match the programming on the control panel"? I have the Lynx 5200 panel, I've been going through all of the settings and I haven't found one that seems to have anything to do with how I have the 5828 set.

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