Is a 5800PIR-RES compatible with the 2GIG Go!Control?

The short answer is absolutely. In fact, any 5800 series Honeywell wireless sensor works with the 2GIG GoControl panel right out of the box. The 5800PIR-RES is the most popular and affordable of Honeywell's wireless motion detectors. It offers 80 pound pet immunity with a 30 by 50 foot detection area.

The 5800PIR-RES is a perfect wireless motion sensor for any residential environment. The pet immunity is designed to prevent false alarms based on movement from smaller pets like cats and dogs under 80 pounds. It is important to keep in mind that furniture and stairwells should not be in the field of view when you have pets. This is a passive infrared sensor that uses the heat signature of moving objects to detect motion. When pets jump on furniture or off stairwells it can confuse the motion into thinking the heat signature is a human.

This motion has a battery saving technology coined as the "transmission lockout" by Honeywell. It is a unique technology that puts the device to sleep for 3 minutes after it is tripped in the disarm state. Traditionally, when your alarm system is disarmed the motion detector reports movement which requires power thus greatly diminishing battery life. This transmission lockout technology allows this sensor to last up to 10 years!

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