Is a DSC Impassa Z-Wave Compatible?

Yes, a DSC Impassa is Z-Wave compatible. However, the system will need a compatible cellular communicator installed to support Z-Wave devices. Any Z-Wave home automation devices that are programmed with the DSC Impassa will need to be controlled through the interactive service.

Z-Wave is a type of wireless communications protocol that is used primarily with home automation devices. Z-Wave devices are unique because they can be operated remotely across a network. A Z-Wave controller sends wireless commands to the Z-Wave device so that it can be operated. While the DSC Impassa itself does not have a Z-Wave controller, a Z-Wave controller is built into the system's cellular communicator. So if a cellular communicator is added to a DSC Impassa, it will be able to support Z-Wave devices.

Additionally, there is no possible way to control Z-Wave devices from the DSC Impassa System itself. Instead, any Z-Wave devices will need to be operated from A user can access from a web browser or through the Mobile App on an Android or iOS device. The commands will be sent from the server, to the Impassa cellular communicator and Z-Wave controller, and finally to the Z-Wave device itself.

A user can also set up rules and scenes for Z-Wave devices through Rules and scenes will allow Z-Wave devices to activate automatically based on a schedule or with certain pre-determined system events. For instance, a user might have their Z-Wave lights and Z-Wave thermostats turn off when they set their system to arm away. They might then have these devices turn back on when they disarm their system later. Another option could be to have Z-Wave lights turn on when a person walks into a room and activates a motion sensor. Not only is Z-Wave home automation very cool to show off to others, it can also help a user save money on their energy bills.

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