Is a DSC Impassa ZigBee Compatible?

No, a DSC Impassa is not ZigBee Compatible. There is no way to use ZigBee devices with the system. But you can use Z-Wave devices by adding an Cellular Communicator. All Z-Wave devices must be controlled through, as the Impassa does not allow local automation control.

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Home automation and smart home technology has become extremely popular in recent years. A large number of competing automation protocols have arisen, as they are looking to gain a foothold in the smart home market. One of these protocols is ZigBee. Many automation devices use ZigBee Communication to interface with various hubs and controllers.

However, ZigBee hasn't been heavily adopted by the alarm industry. As of early 2019, none of the security systems sold from Alarm Grid support conventional ZigBee devices. Qolsys offers a ZigBee Daughterboard for their IQ Panel 2 System, but even that is just for supporting image sensor modules. The DSC Impassa is no exception to this rule, as it has no way of supporting ZigBee devices.

But it is possible to use Z-Wave devices with a DSC Impassa. Z-Wave devices in general have become heavily integrated with alarm systems, including most of those sold by Alarm Grid. To use Z-Wave devices with a DSC Impassa, the system must have an Cellular Communicator that is registered and activated with The module doubles as both a cellular communicator and as a Z-Wave controller. Z-Wave devices can be excluded and added directly from the DSC Impassa, but they must be controlled using offers more than just Z-Wave control for a DSC Impassa Alarm System. A user can access at any time to arm and disarm their system remotely, check the current status of sensors, view the live feed of security cameras, and more. can be accessed through a web browser or by using the Mobile App on an Android or iOS device. Users will also appreciate the great reliability that comes with cellular monitoring. Please note that you will need a Gold Plan or higher to use cellular monitoring and

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