Is Alarm Grid a Good Company?

Alarm Grid home security provides top of the line monitoring for thousands of people all around the world. We monitor accounts in every state, Australia, England, Italy, India, Panama, Puerto Rico and many many more locations. Our customers love us, and we love them.

Still skeptical?

All right, well, don't take our word for any of it. We do not compensate anybody for what they say. Every single Alarm Grid review you find online is by a real Alarm Grid customer, or someone who was helped by Alarm Grid.

We pride ourselves on our transparency. Unlike most Alarm companies, we share EVERYTHING. You want to know who our monitoring partner is? We are proud to tell you about Criticom. You don't like hidden fees? We don't have them. You don't want to be stuck in a contract? Our no-contract Alarm Monitoring is just what you're looking for.

We urge you to do your research and we are certain you will find that Alarm Grid is the place you want to work with when it comes to monitoring your home security system!

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Thanks for the heads up! I just fixed the links.
FYI The links you provided don't work because you accidently left a ) at the end of the link. Thanks for your great site and info!
Yes, we include a free sign ( ) and stickers ( ) for all monitored clients that have central station service.
Do you include a yard sign with new monitoring services?

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