Can Alarm Grid’s Monitoring work w/ Honeywell Systems?

Absolutely! Alarm Grid is an authorized dealer for Honeywell and provides monitoring services via Honeywell AlarmNet servers.

Alarm Grid supports Honeywell’s Vista series (excluding fire panels), Lynx Plus, Lynx Touch series, and the Omni (if connected via phone line and if users are familiar with programming).

Alarm Grid can monitor systems via phone line, cell communicators (GSMVLP5-4G, GSMV4G, GSMX4G, 4GL, GSMVLP4G, Honeywell Vista GSM4G, *Telguard TG1 Express and *Telguard TG1-B), internet communicators (7847i, and the ILP5) WiFi (L5100WiFi module) and dual monitoring (iGSMV4G, or a combo of land line and cell communicator, L5100WiFi module and cell communicator, internet communicator and cell communicator).

If communicating via cell, internet or wifi - the MAC ID and CRC numbers need to be provided for the unit to be registered and activated. The MAC ID and CRC numbers can be found on the side of the box it was delivered in or on the unit itself.

Alarm Grid offers three monitoring plans to select from that have no contracts, no activation fees or any hidden fees. Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control alarm systems, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone or ios device. Users will receive notifications via email and or text message on any alarm signal or event. Alarm Grid offers Total Connect differently than most monitoring companies. Alarm Grid keeps Total Connect options separate so users are not paying for an option they will not use. Once signed up for Total Connect, user are automatically connected to control an alarm system and have the option to add home automation and or video surveillance to their account.

** Alarm panels other than Honeywell can be monitored by Alarm Grid via phone line and or Telguard TG1 Express and Telguard TG1-B cell communicators, however they will not be compatible with Total Connect 2.0.

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