Is it easy to connect a Lyric to alarm monitoring?

Yes, it is easy to connect a Lyric controller to alarm monitoring services.

Without any additional modules, Lyric is ready to be monitored right out of the box. The preinstalled WIFI communicator can be used as the system’s sole method of communication, or it can be paired with a Verizon or AT&T Cellular module (US) or Rogers module (Canada). Assuming an end user wanted to only use the WIFI communication path, the system is ready to be monitored as soon as it’s installed, powered up and connected to a local wireless network. If WIFI plus Cellular, or Cellular only communication is desired, simply add the appropriate cellular communicator for your coverage area.

Either WIFI or cellular can be used as the sole communication path, or can be used together for Dual Path communication. In a Dual Path setup, WIFI is always used, if available, and if not available, the system will automatically switch to Cellular to communicate. Since the Cellular module uses the panel’s back-up battery it is capable of reporting even in the event of a power outage.

Lyric is compatible for use with Honeywell ‘s Total Connect 2.0. This program allows remote arm/disarm, and bypass via a web browser or through an Android or iOS smart device. The Total Connect 2.0 server can send alarm events and status updates via text, email or both to selected numbers and addresses. It allows the ability to remotely control home automation devices, and program scenes and rules to automate these modules. In addition, Honeywell’s IP-CAMs can be viewed on the Lyric Touchscreen, as long as the Lyric is connected to the same network the cameras are connected to, and can also be viewed remotely via Total Connect 2.0, if a plan that supports camera viewing is selected.

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