Is The 2Gig GoControl Compatible With Z-Wave?

Yes, the 2Gig GoControl alarm system has a built in Z-Wave module which allows users to control lights, thermostats, door locks and appliances directly from the panel or a portable Z-Wave controller. Users have the option to remotely control Z-Wave devices from any computer, cell phone or PDA.

The 2Gig GoControl panel can support up to 232 Z-Wave devices in any combination. No limits on light switches, door locks, appliance modules or thermostats.

The wireless range of Z-Wave devices in open-air, line-of-sight distance is 65 feet. The actual performance in a home will depend on the type of construction, amount of metal between devices, and the number of Z-Wave devices that are repeating the wireless signals.

Most Z-Wave modules can act as a wireless " repeater" that extends the range and insures that commands intended for another device in the network are received.

Multiple device control commands can be assigned using a "Scene". A Scene can be run on its own, or " Rules" can be assigned to trigger a Scene after a Control Panel " event" such as arming your system or when an alarm occurs.

Managing Z-Wave devices is accessed thru the "Services" icon on the home screen. Users will find icons for switches, thermostats, door locks, rules, scenes and check network in the services menu.

To add or remove Z-Wave devices is found in the Z-Wave Toolbox menu. To access the Z-Wave toolbox, press the "wrench" icon located in the bottom right corner from the Services menu. Enter the master code or the installer code (default master code is 1111 and the default installer code is 1561). The screen will advance to the toolbox menu where users can add, remove Z-Wave devices or go to advanced toolbox.

The Advanced Toolbox can be used by entering the installer code. Here users can add a secondary controller, reset and view installed controllers, view the currently installed network devices, or rediscover the network devices.

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