Is The Honeywell 4219 Compatible With A Vista 128BPT?

No, the Honeywell 4219 is not compatible with the Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel.

The Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel provides 9 style B hardwired zones and support up to 119 additional zones using a built in polling V-Plex multiplex loop interface. V-Plex is Honeywell’s patented polling loop technology that uses 2 wires instead of four. By using 2 wires instead of 4, V-Plex offers advantages providing expansion of peripheral devices and point identification to a central monitoring station. V-Plex point identification also allows users to diagnose and pinpoint defects quickly from the keypad.

V-Plex devices draw minimal amounts of current minimizing the need for auxiliary power supplies. Some V-Plex devices are the DT7500 and the IS2500SN Motion Detectors, 5193SD Smoke Detector, 4959SN Overhead Garage Door Contact, 4939SN Surface Mount Contact, FG1625SN Glass Break Detector, 4191SN Recessed Door Contract, and the 4193SN / 4293SN micro - V-Plex Adapter (converts any hardwired device V-Plex compatible).

The Vista 128BPT also support up to 127 wireless zones when paired with a 5800 series wireless receiver (can install up to 2). Fewer zones if using hardwire and or polling loop zones.

The Honeywell 4219 adds up to 8 end of line supervised zones and is compatible with the Honeywell Vista 15 and 20 series control panels. Some hardwired carbon monoxide detectors are not compatible with the Honeywell 4219 wired zone expansion module. All hardwired carbon monoxide detectors should be installed using the 9 on-board zones of the Vista 128BPT control panel instead of the expansion zones.

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