Is a Honeywell 5890 Compatible w/ a Honeywell L5100?

Yes, the Honeywell 5890 Wireless PIR is compatible with Honeywell’s Lynx L5100.

Honeywell’s 5800 series components are compatible with Honeywell’s Lynx series panels.

The 5890 Passive Infrared Motion Detector/Transmitter is a battery-operated wireless motion detector. The 5890 wireless PIR has a wide angle that covers 40 feet x 56 feet, and a wide angle lens that covers 60 feet x 6 feet. When using the wide angle lens, always set Pulse Count jumper to the Off position. The 5890 PIR is not a pet friendly motion sensor.The operating temperature ranges from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The dimensions of the 5890 PIR are 2 11/16 inches wide, 5 inches high and 1 ⅞ inches depth. The 5890 PIR can be wall or corner mounted. Recessed mounting can be done using the recessed mounting kit. For best coverage, mount the 5890 PIR so that the most likely direction of an intruder’s motion is across the pattern. The 5890’s dual-element pyro-electric sensor provides positive protection while minimizing false alarms. The 5890 PIR has a 7 (seven) digit serial number that must be programmed into the Lynx L5100 panel along with a loop number. The 5890 Wireless PIR is not weatherproof and is for interior installation only.

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