Is the IS335 Compatible with the VISTA-50P?

Yes, the IS335 is compatible with the VISTA-50P. The Honeywell IS335 is a hardwired motion sensor that can work with most hardwired alarm systems. The device will feed power from the panel for its operation. If the power goes out, a backup battery can keep the system and the sensor running.

Honeywell is335 pet immune motion detector

The IS335 connects with a hardwired control panel like the VISTA-50P through a 4-wire connection. Two wires will be used for power, and the other two will be used for data. The power wires will connect with the keypad bus on the VISTA-50P. This is the ECP bus that provides power for various hardwired sensors. The amount of power the device normally draws is rated up to 12mA @ 12VDC. As for the data wires, the connections should ideally be made at an available single zone on the panel. Although it is possible to wire multiple motions in series, this is not recommended, as it can make it difficult for the user to identify which motion was activated in an alarm event.

Since the motion must draw power for its operation, it can only be used with a hardwired panel or with a wired to wireless converter that has been set up with a wireless panel. A hardwired motion like the IS335 cannot be used by connecting it directly with an input terminal on a wireless system. This can only be accomplished with hardwired door and window contacts, at those sensors do not require any electrical power for operation.

As a motion sensor, the IS335 offers a coverage area of 40 feet by 56 feet. It should ideally be corner-mounted at height between 7 feet and 9 feet. The device offers a pet-immunity function that can be enabled or disabled as needed. Remember, mounting location is very important for ensuring proper pet-immunity. A pet may still be able to set off a pet-immune motion sensor if it is able to get within its field of view.

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