Is there a Tilt Sensor Compatible w/ the DSC Impassa?

Yes, there is a tilt sensor compatible with the DSC Impassa. The DSC WS4965 can function as a tilt sensor, and it will work with the DSC Impassa System. The device can also operate as a standard door and window contact or as a wireless transmitter for two normally closed hardwired devices.

The DSC WS4965 Tri-Zone Wireless Door and Window Contact operates at 433 MHz. This makes it compatible with the DSC Impassa and the DSC PowerSeries Alarm Systems. There are three main functions that the device can perform. The device can operate as a tilt sensor, as a door and window contact or as a wireless transmitter. The function that the device performs is determined by its programming settings.

As a tilt sensor, the DSC WS4965 operates in a relatively standard manner. The device is installed at the top of the garage door on the inside. This will place the sensor in a vertical position. When the garage door is opened, the DSC WS4965 will shift to a horizontal position. The sensor will recognize this change in positioning and send an alert to the alarm system. The system will then perform the programmed response for that zone.

But the DSC WS4965 doesn't have to be used as a garage door tilt sensor. With a magnet, the device can function as a standard door and window contact. The sensor also features two contact inputs for normally closed hardwired devices. The normally closed hardwired devices will connect directly with the sensor, and the sensor will send a wireless signal to the system on the behalf of the devices. By doing this, the hardwired sensors will essentially function as wireless devices.

Other features for the DSC WS4965 include an LED light to let the user know when the battery is in need of replacing and a tamper switch to let the system know if anyone tries to open up or disable the device.

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