2GIG BATT2X Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Backup Battery for an Alarm System Work?
One of the most important accessories for an alarm system is its back up battery. This is what keeps the system running during a power outage. Learn about alarm system batteries.

Can I Use More Than One Battery Pack in a 2GIG GC2?
The 2GIG GC2 System can only support one battery back at any given time. There are two battery pack options available. Learn about backup batteries for a 2GIG GC2.

Which Battery Packs are Compatible with the 2GIG GC2?
The 2GIG GC2 System has two compatible battery packs available. These are the 2GIG BATT1X and the 2GIG BATT2X. Learn about the 2GIG GC2 and the compatible battery packs.