How Do I Add a Siren to the Lyric Controller Using a MIMOlite?

A high current siren can be added to a Lyric Security Controller by utilizing a power supply, a programmable output, such as the MIMOlite, and a siren with additional wiring. Using scenes, the MIMOlite can be configured to provide power to the siren upon an alarm and to stop upon disarm.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Since the release of the Lyric Security System, one of its biggest issues has been an inability to easily add an external, high-current siren. In many instances, the Lyric is being used to replace a wired system where a working siren already exists. The inability to use this equipment has been frustrating in the past.

It is now relatively easy to utilize an existing, or to install a new wired siren. To set this up, follow these steps. The following equipment will be needed:

Complete the following steps to install a wired siren with a Honeywell Lyric Alarm Controller:

1. Add Necessary Components. If you will be using an existing high current siren from a previous wired system, you must install the power supply and the MIMOlite near where the wired alarm panel was mounted. The power supply can be mounted inside the old metal enclosure for the previous panel, but the MIMOlite must be mounted outside the metal can. This will allow it to exchange Z-Wave signals with the Lyric Controller.

The MIMOlite has a jumper at the top of the board marked P5. This jumper comes from the factory installed across the two pins. This configuration will provide a latching output from the Form C relay when activated. This is the correct setting for a siren application. If the P5 jumper is removed, or set on only one pin, then the MIMOlite will provide a momentary output, suitable for applications such as garage door open/close.

The power supply will require its own transformer. For this reason, it will also require its own backup battery. If you are mounting the power supply inside the metal enclosure for the old system, you may be able to use the old AC wires to connect to the power supply.

Make sure the existing transformer is unplugged and has been removed from the existing wires. This step assumes the existing transformer is not suitable to be reused with the power supply. If it can be reused, simply unplug it from the wall, move the AC wires from the panel being replaced to the proper terminals on the power supply, and continue to the next step. If the transformer is not suitable for being reused, remove the AC wires from the old panel, and place them onto the AC terminals of the power supply. Connect the wires you removed from the old transformer to the new transformer. Do not plug-in the transformer at this time.

Depending on the age of the battery used with the old system, it may be able to be reused with the new power supply. If the existing battery is a 4 Amp Hour, 12 volt, lead-acid battery that still holds a charge, you can reuse it in this application. However, if it fails to hold a charge, or if it loses voltage rapidly during a power loss, then it should be replaced with a new battery. A great battery to use is the Ultratech 1240.

The MIMOlite comes with a 13.5VDC transformer, rated at 400mA. It may come from the box with the transformer already connected to the terminals. If not, make sure to observe proper polarity when powering the device up. There is no backup battery for the MIMOlite. This means that in the event of AC power loss, it will not function unless provisions are made. This could include the use of an uninterrupted power source (UPS). The MIMOlite should be mounted near the power supply, but outside the metal enclosure. It can be mounted with screws, or by using double-stick tape. It is best to pair the MIMOlite with the Lyric and test the operating range before permanently mounting the unit.

Another alternative is to power the MIMOlite with the same power supply being used for the siren output. The MIMOlite draws 60 mA of current when activated, this should be factored into the current draw calculation when choosing an appropriate power supply:

2. Pair with the Lyric. After powering up the MIMOlite, but before mounting the unit, exclude the MIMOlite from the Lyric. This is done to clear any network information that may still be in the device after factory testing. Once exclusion is complete, proceed to include the device. From the Lyric home screen, go to Automation > Down Arrow > Tools > Exclude devices.

Once the Lyric displays "Ready to Exclude Device...". Press the Learn Button on the MIMOlite. The device will be excluded. On the Lyric, press the back arrow in the upper-right corner. Next, choose "Include Devices". Again, when prompted by the Lyric, press the Learn Button. After the device has been learned, press "Done". The MIMOlite will show up as a "Non-Secured Switch Binary" made by FortrezZ LLC. Press the back arrow on the Lyric until you see "Switches". Press this option, and then press the Switch representing the MIMOlite. In our case, this is Switch 002. Click "Edit" in the lower right, and provide a friendly name for the device.

3. Complete the wiring. Once it is determined where each component will be mounted, and the MIMOlite has been paired with the Lyric Security System, the remainder of the wiring connections can then be made.

Connect the Siren Negative to the MIMOlite Normally Open Relay Terminal.

Connect the DC Negative from the power supply to the MIMOlite Common Relay Terminal.

Connect the Siren Positive to the DC Positive terminal of the power supply

If you haven't already done so, connect each of the AC terminals from the power supply transformer to the AC terminals on the power supply itself. If using the AD12612 power supply the transformer should be rated at 16.5 Volts AC / 40VA. Be certain you also connect a backup battery for the power supply.

Once all wiring connections have been completed, plug in the transformer for the power supply. Make sure power for the MIMOlite is also connected. Run a test by going to the Lyric Home screen > Automation > Switches > MIMOlite. Toggle the switch on. The siren should begin to sound. Toggle it off, and the siren should stop sounding.

4. Create scenes. If the Lyric panel is connected with a Total Connect 2.0 account, the scenes to control the siren will need to be programmed through Total Connect. If there is no Total Connect 2.0 account tied to the Lyric, the scenes will need to be added through the "Smart Scenes" option on the Lyric home screen. The following screenshots assume programming from Total Connect 2.0.

In Total Connect 2.0, verify in "Events" that an Automation Sync was completed successfully after the MIMOlite was added to the Lyric Panel. If not, go to Locations and Sync Panel.

Go to "Scenes", then click on "Add Scene"

When prompted, give the scene a name, such as "Siren ON". Press "Continue". When prompted to select a device, choose "Others". Then select the MIMOlite, which was provided with a friendly name at the end of Step 2. Press "Continue" twice. At the "When would you like the scene to run?" option, choose "Triggered by another device". Select "Security System", and then select "Burglar Alarm", followed by "Continue". At the "Select the status of your Switch" option, select "On", then "Continue". Verify that programming is correct, then select "Save".

There are two options for turning the siren off after it has been activated by a scene. It can be manually turned off through either TC2 or the Lyric Panel, or you can create another scene to turn it off.

To create this scene in TC2 go to "Scenes", followed by "Add Scene" as shown above. You will be asked to name this scene as well. Choose a name, such as "Siren OFF". Once again, from the available devices, select "Others". Then select the "MIMOlite", followed by "Continue". At the "When would you like the scene to run?" option, select "Triggered by another device", then "Security System". Select "Disarm", then "Continue". On the summary screen, verify that the information is correct, and finish by selecting "Save".

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