Honeywell SiXMINICTPK5 Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell SiXMINICT
The 5800MINI and the SiXMINICT are both surface-mount contacts from Honeywell. Both are very compact, and they function in the same manner. However, their panel compatibility and communication methods differ. Also the SiXMINICT is encrypted, but the 5800MINI is not. Learn more about these contacts.

What Are the Best Wireless Door/Window Alarm Contacts?
Door and window contacts are some of the most important security sensors that are used with security systems. This type of device will monitor a door or a window and let the user know when it has been opened. We offer many great wireless door and window contacts. Discover which ones are the best.

What Type of Battery Does My Honeywell Wireless Door Sensor Use?
Honeywell wireless door sensors generally use one of three battery types. These are CR123A lithium batteries, CR2032 coin batteries and AAA batteries. A door sensor will typically require a new battery every three to five years. Learn which battery type is right for your wireless door sensor.