Linear FS20Z-1 Frequently Asked Questions

Will Linear's Z-Wave Products Work with Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems?
By adding a Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE Module to a Honeywell LYNX Touch Panel, the system can support Linear Z-Wave devices. Learn how to use Z-Wave with a Honeywell LYNX Touch.

How Do I Remove A Z-Wave Device From A 2GIG GC3?
Z-Wave devices are removed from a 2GIG GC3 system through the Smart Home Settings menu. You must put the GC3 into exclusion mode to remove Z-Wave devices.

How do I wire the trigger on a Lyric security system?
The Lyric panel does not have a programmable trigger. Instead, it uses Z-Wave smart home devices or the SiX Siren. Learn more about outputs on the Lyric security system.