Telguard TG-1B Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use AlarmNet Total Connect on My DSC Security System?
It is impossible for a DSC Security System to use the Total Connect service. This is because Total Connect is designed exclusively for use with Honeywell Alarm Panels. However, a DSC System can use the service if a compatible communicator is added. Learn more about these systems.

How Do I Convert my Landline Security System to Work w/ Cellular?
Converting a landline security system to cellular is easy. The process involves obtaining a cellular communicator and switching to a monitoring plan that includes cellular service. The cellular module will then need to be activated. Learn more about converting a security system to cellular.

Is Telguard Interactive Used On Honeywell Vista Panels?
Learn how to set up Telguard Internative on a Honeywell Vista-P series panel.