Does an AT&T Security System use LTE to Communicate?

An AT&T Security System will only use LTE to communicate if it has an LTE cellular communicator installed. An AT&T LTE cellular module is the only way for an alarm system to connect with the AT&T LTE network. The AT&T LTE network is one of the fastest cellular networks available today.

AT&T is one of many cellular service providers that offers communication modules for alarm systems. An alarm system can use one of these communicators to send outbound signals to a central monitoring station or to an end user. The communicator that is used must be compatible with the alarm system, and the communicator must be activated and registered by an alarm monitoring company. This will require a monitoring plan that includes cellular service. Any system that uses an AT&T communicator will connect to a cellular network that is operated by AT&T.

However, AT&T runs a number of different cellular network. Some of the most prominent examples include their LTE network and their 3G network. An alarm system will only connect to the AT&T LTE network if the system has an AT&T LTE communicator installed. But if the system has an AT&T 3G communicator installed, then the system will still connect to an AT&T network, but it won't be the AT&T LTE network. So just because an alarm system uses AT&T does not necessarily mean that it uses LTE to communicate.

We would like to mention that we strongly encourage users to use a communicator that provides access to an LTE network. LTE stands for "Long-Term Evolution", and it represents the latest in cellular communication technology. LTE speeds are nearly as fast as WIFI, and cellular service providers like AT&T have promised to support their LTE networks for many years into the future. This is not the case for older cellular networks, such as 3G networks, as they provide slower speeds and are set to be discontinued in the coming years. By choosing an LTE communicator, you are "future-proofing" your system, and your system will be achieving the fastest possible cellular communication speeds.

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