Rules vs Scenes on Lyric security system

What is a Scene?

A Scene can be a single or group of Z-Wave devices that are programmed to execute a certain action. Let’s take a Z-Wave light switch as an example, we’ll call it Front Door. The switch can be included in a Scene by itself or with other devices. A Scene can tell the Front Door light to do one of two things: turn on or turn off. Also, Z-Wave devices can be part of multiple Scenes. This customization allows the end user to fine tune their home automation equipment to perform just the way they want.

For the sake of simplicity let’s say that we want the Front Door light to turn on whenever the system is Armed-Away. A Scene would need to be created and the Front Door light would need to be included. The device action for turning on would be included in this Scene. The next step is having the Scene run whenever the system is Armed-Away. To do this we will need to use a Rule.

What is a Rule?

A Rule is what tells a Scene to run when a specified action occurs. Zone faults, restores and system operations such as “Arm-Away” can trigger a Rule to run a Scene. Multiple Scenes can be mapped to a single Rule and different Rules can use the same Scene.

So, if we want the Z-Wave switch at the Front Door to turn on when we Arm-Away, we will need a Rule to do so. This Rule would need to be configured to activate whenever the system Arms-Away. Within this Rule we can map the Scene that was configured for the Z-Wave switch that controls this light. The Scene from before tells the switch to turn on, the Rule tells the Scene to run whenever the system Arms-Away. This allows a user to customize how their devices operate based on different actions taken within the system. Using Rules properly can fully automate the Z-Wave devices in a location.

Rules and Scenes can be programmed through Total Connect 2.0 or directly at the panel. Keep in mind that to edit a Rule or Scene it must be edited where it was created. This means a Scene or Rule created at the panel can only be edited at the panel, a Scene or Rule created in Total Connect 2.0 can only be edited in Total Connect 2.0.

Additionally, there is another programming option available within Total Connect 2.0 called Smart Scene. This “wizard” style interface allows an end user to set up Scenes and Rules for Z-Wave devices in a step by step easy to use process. This function simplifies the entire process of creating Rules and Scenes so that even those who are not technically adept are able to create them. Smart scenes are only able to be programmed and run manually through Total Connect 2.0.

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