What are Honeywell IS215T DIP switch settings?

The Honeywell IS215T is a wired motion detector designed for the VISTA Series alarm control panels. You can also use the IS215T with non-Honeywell alarm control panels as wired sensors are compatible with all brands of wired control panels. You will need to wire the IS215T to your alarm control panel using the terminal screws but you will also have (2) selectable dip switches to set during the installation of your wired motion detector.

Dip switch 1 turns the alarm LED on and off. The alarm LED is great for walk testing the motion because it will light up with every detected intrusion when on. You should use the alarm LED while choosing the right location to install your IS215T but once it is installed, you should set switch 1 to the off position so the alarm LED won't constantly be going off while you are home.

Dip switch 2 is used to set the pulse count of the passive infrared motion sensor. The pulse count affects the sensitivity of detection. Set switch 2 to the on position for high sensitivity which will detect an intruder within 2-4 steps. Use the normal sensitivity setting by setting dip switch 2 to the off position. The IS215T motion detector will detect an intruder within 3-5 steps using the lower sensitivity setting and will be less likely to cause false alarms.

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