What Carrier Does the GSMX4G Use?

The carrier the GSMX4G uses is AT&T. This module, which is designed for Honeywell VISTA Series Alarm Panels, will connect the system with the AT&T 4G Network. Once connected, the system will be able to communicate with the Honeywell AlarmNet360 servers and the Total Connect 2.0 service.

Honeywell gsmx4g close up of alarmnet cellular alarm monitoring All monitored alarm systems require some method for sending outbound communication signals. Some of the most common communication methods include telephone lines, cellular networks and internet protocols. When using the Honeywell GSMX4G, an alarm system communicates through the AT&T 4G Cellular Network. The outbound signals will travel to the AlarmNet360 servers so that they can be forwarded to a central monitoring station and/or the end user directly.

The GSMX4G is compatible with Honeywell VISTA Alarm Systems. The module must be installed and activated with an alarm monitoring company in order to function. Once it has been set up, the panel will be able to utilize cellular communication. This is great because cellular communication is extremely reliable, and it almost never goes down or becomes unavailable. Cellular communication can even occur when there is a power outage, since it does not require a powered router.

When considering the performance of the GSMX4G, it is perfectly adequate for most applications. The communication speeds offered from the AT&T 4G Network are relatively fast, and users will generally be pleased with the results. However, there are newer and faster cellular communicators available for the Honeywell VISTA Security Panels. Namely, the Honeywell LTE-XA and the Honeywell LTE-XV are recognized as being the best communicators for the VISTA Systems. Both of these modules allow a VISTA Panel to communicate through an LTE network.

Even though 4G networks work quite well for alarm systems, LTE networks are even faster and work more reliably. So if you're in the market for a cellular communicator for a Honeywell VISTA System, you should consider one of those modules instead of the GSMX4G. But if you already have a GSMX4G installed and activated in your alarm system, there's little reason to replace it, as it will continue to work quite well for the foreseeable future.

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