What Do the Lights Mean on a GSMV4G?

The 3 lights visible on a GSMV4G’s front cover indicate status, message, and fault. The first LED is green. It indicates a panel’s status. The middle LED is yellow. It indicates when data is being transmitted to a panel. The bottom LED is red. It indicates that there is a fault on the panel.

Below is a table for each LED indication, and what it means.





ON – Is NOT registered with AlarmNet.

OFF – Is registered with AlarmNet.

FAST BLINK - Download session with Compass In progress

SLOW BLINK - In unison with yellow LED, registration in progress.



ON – Message transmission pending.


FAST BLINK - Message waiting for network ACK.

SLOW BLINK - Idle power abnormal.

SLOW BLINK – In unison with green LED, Registration in progress.



ON - No contact with network

OFF - Normal

SLOW BLINK - Loss of communication with panel (ECP fault).

FAST BLINK - No contact with network AND loss of communication with panel.

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