What Does Qolsys Mean?

Qolsys is short for "Quality Systems". If you take the first syllables of "Quality" and "Systems", you get Qolsys (pronounced "Quall-Sis"). The phrase "Quality Systems" is short for the Qolsys motto, "Quality of Life Systems". As a company, Qolsys is known for its excellent security panels.

Qolsys Inc. was founded in 2010 in San Jose, California. The company states that its mission is "To improve the quality of life through innovation and technology". They promise "quality of life systems" that are "all-in-one" and "always connected". Qolsys has successfully backed up these promises with their IQ Panel 2, which is considered by many to be one of the finest security systems on the market today.

With its ease of functionality and great reliability, the IQ Panel 2 can definitely improve the quality of one's life. The IQ Panel 2 fully represents the definition of "all-in-one", as virtually no add-ons are needed to get the most out of the system. It comes pre-included with a built-in LTE cellular communicator, a WIFI card, a wireless receiver and both Z-Wave and BlueTooth connectivity. This means that once out-of-the-box, the system is already prepared for almost any type of sensor connectivity and network communication that will be needed. By choosing the IQ Panel 2, the end user will be receiving a complete and total security and home automation system that is ready to go right from the start.

The other promise made by Qolsys, "always connected", is also fulfilled by the IQ Panel 2. This is because the panel comes ready with a dual path communication setup that includes both WIFI and LTE cellular connectivity. With these communication methods working together, it is almost entirely unheard of for an IQ Panel 2 to lose its connection to the network, and the system will always be able to send important outbound signals and notifications to the central station, Alarm.com and the end user. This makes the system incredibly reliable and, as Qolsys says itself, always connected.

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