What GSM communicators work with the 2GIG GoControl?

The 2GIG Go!Control is a self-contained, wireless alarm system. The control panel is built into the back of the touchscreen display keypad. This is where the cellular (GSM) Communicator of your choice will be installed into the multi-pin connector. The most popular communicators are the Alarm.com radios. There are two models that communicate via Alarm.com for 2GIG: the GC3GA-A and the GCCDMV-A.

The GC3GA-A comes with a SIM card that is activated by your Alarm.com dealer. This module relies on AT&T's 3G (HSPA) cellular network and requires firmware revision 1.9.6 or higher.

The GCCDMV-A does not require a SIM card since it uses Verizon's CDMA network. Again the Alarm.com dealer has the ability to activate the radio with Verizon and register it on the server. This module requires firmware revision 1.9.4 or higher. The Verizon communicator is great in situations where AT&T signal is weak and vice versa.

Another option is the Telguard based GC3GA-T. This cellular module also utilizes the AT&T network. However instead of enrolling in services in Alarm.com this communicator communicates to the Telguard server. Although both servers offer similar interactive services, Alarm.com is the clear winner when it comes to the technological edge.

** Canadian customers will need to use the GC3GR-A which uses the Rogers cellular network. **

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