Can I Get an Alarm Certificate and an Insurance Discount?

A certificate of alarm (CoA) is a document that your monitoring company sends to your homeowner insurance provider to indicate that you have a monitored security system. Once they have received this document, the insurer will, in most cases, apply a discount to your homeowners insurance.

Alarm Grid's alarm certificate looks like the one below and is accepted as evidence that your home is secure by major insurance providers. If there is a discount available, this certificate will allow your insurance company to apply them to your premiums the moment it is received.

Getting a certificate of Alarm is extremely easy if you're security system is monitored by Alarm Grid. All you need to do is email us at with the email or fax number information of your homeowners insurance provider. Once we receive this, presuming all the information is correct, we will send off a certificate of Alarm to your insurer and you will begin participating in any discounts they offer from that moment forward.

Note: The process for obtaining a CoA from Alarm Grid has changed since the writing of this FAQ. You will now need to test your system before downloading a CoA. Please see this post for more information. A CoA is valid for one year upon the completion of a successful test.

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