Get a Homeowners Insurance Discount with Our New Certificate of Alarm

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Alarm Grid is proud to announce that new "Certificates of Alarm" (COA) are now available. These serve as proof that a monitoring company is protecting a person's home or business. Many insurance companies offer discounts to their customers who maintain alarm monitoring service.

By presenting one of these certificates, you can save money on your insurance bills. In some cases, the savings can even cover the entire cost of your alarm monitoring expenses. Any monitored customer should contact their insurance company to learn about these discounts.

These discounts are available for customers who receive central station monitoring. Self-monitored customers will first need to upgrade to a central station plan. Additionally, customers with a dual-path communication setup tend to receive the best discounts. This means having a monitoring plan that includes both cellular and IP connectivity. Alarm Grid's Gold and Platinum Plans both allow for dual-path communication. You can view every plan offered by Alarm Grid here.

Additionally, many insurance companies will want to know exactly what Alarm Grid is monitoring in your home. There are varying discounts for the following kinds of monitoring.

  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Freeze
  • Flood
  • Carbon Monoxide

Filling out an alarm certificate is very simple. You will only need to provide some very basic information. This includes your name, monitoring address and the type of services you receive. The certificate is then provided to your insurance company. This will allow them to apply any relevant discounts to your premium. You must test your system ever year in order for the certificate of alarm to remain valid.

To download your new COA, watch the video below or follow the instructions below the video...

1. Click on "My Accounts" on the upper right-hand corner of the site. If you do not see "My Accounts" you are probably not logged in. Go to the Alarm Grid login page and sign in. If you don't remember your password, you can reset it there as well.

2. Click "Download Certificate" under the "Insurance Document" heading on the row corresponding with the property you want the discount on. When you select this, it will make sure that you have had a walk test in the last year. If you have not had a walk test, it will generate a ticket to our team to check your signals. If you don't have dispatch on your account, it will ask if you want to upgrade. If you select that you would like to upgrade, it will generate a ticket and take you to a page where you need to fill in the information that we hand to our central station. This will allow the central station to dispatch.

3. Fill out the information, and click "Send Certificate." A box will pop up and ask you to either verify the information that's already filled in or require that you fill in your insurance agent's information. Once you've done this, click the "Send Certificate" button. This will email your insurance agent and cc you a copy.